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Command hierarchy


A command hierarchy is a group of people who carry out orders based on authority within the ... In a military context, the chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which or...

Army Chain of Command - Louisiana State University


The Honorable Barack H. Obama II. President of the United States. The Honorable Ashton B. Carter. Secretary of Defense. secarm. The Honorable Patrick J.

Chain of Command (ArmyStudyGuide.com)


Home > Army Board Study Guide Topics > Chain of Command ... The NCO support channel is subordinate to and supportive of the chain of command.

About Army Central - U.S. Army Central


U.S. Army Central conducts shaping operations in the U. S. Central Command ( CENTCOM) area of responsibility to deter adversaries in order to reassure and ...

Basic Training Chain of Command | Military.com


The chain of command in Army basic training runs from the lowest ranking recruit (you) all the way to the President of the United States. Simply, the Army basic ...

What is the U.S. Army chain of command? | Reference.com


The U.S. Army chain of command begins at the top with the sitting president, who is considered the commander-in-chief of all the nation's armed forces.

U.S. Army Command Structure


U.S. Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), and Direct Reporting Units (DRU)

Army Chain of Command - Boot Camp 4 Me


ARMY CHAIN OF COMMAND - The President Of The United States, The Honorable Barack Obama; The Vice President Of The United States, The Honorable ...



Commander-in-Chief. President Barack H. Obama. Secretary of Defense. Ashton B. Carter. Secretary of the Army. Honorable John McHugh. Army Chief of Staff.

Army General - First in Chain of Command - The Balance


The rank of U.S. Army general is the most senior in that branch of the armed services. It is designated as O-10 on the military pay scale, which means a salary of ...

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Military Ranks for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard


Each rank is listed from lowest-to-highest in their respective chain-of-command and include applicable ranks, shoulder patches and quick links to our pay scale ...

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Get this App for less than most Soldiers spend on Coffee each day!! So spend a few bucks now to progress your Rank and make Yourself and your Family ...

FM 7-21.13 3-10 THE CHAIN OF COMMAND AND NCO ... - Army


THE CHAIN OF COMMAND AND NCO SUPPORT CHANNEL. 3-33. Communication among soldiers, teams, units, and organizations is essential to efficient and ...