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The fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) is part of the order of Lepidoptera and is the larval (see caterpillar) life stage of a fall armyworm moth. It is regarded  ...

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This garden pest gets its name because it travels in small insect armies and consumes most everything in its path. Here's how to get rid of armyworms ...

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other armyworms. Fall army- worm caterpillars damage grass by chewing plant tissue. Fall armyworms are typically most active early in the morning, late in the ...

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Aug 22, 2014 ... Fall Armyworms in lawns are a problem right now. If you see them treat immediately. Read all about their life cycle and treatment here on ...

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Learn about armyworms, their eating habits and how to prevent damage to your lawn from these insects. Get expert Insect Control Tips from Spring-Green.

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Armyworms invade yards across the Tennessee Valley. Posted 6:19 pm, August 22, 2016, by Chris Davis, Updated at 07:21pm, August 22, 2016. Facebook ...



Adult - The true armyworm moth has grayish-brown forewings, each with a white spot near the center, and grayish-white hind wings. The wingspan averages ...

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This article discusses fall armyworms. It also gives control strategies and treatment decisions for armyworms and information on insecticides.

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Oct 8, 2008 ... "In several instances, entire small grain fields are having to be replanted because the armyworms have eaten the seedling leaves as they ...

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Pest identification information about armyworms, which are striped caterpillars that crawl in large numbers and cause damage eating foliage, grains and mostly  ...

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In southern Arkansas, we can defoliated. Because armyworms are expect to see fall armyworm damage so destructive and compete with live- in bermudagrass ...

fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith)


The fall armyworm is native to the tropical regions of the western hemisphere from the United States to Argentina. It normally overwinters successfully in the ...

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Native to North America, the armyworm can be found east of the Rocky Mountains, reaching northward into southern Canada. Armyworms get their name from ...