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The first season of the American action television series Arrow premiered on October 10, 2012 ..... Kreisberg provides one such example: "Every week, Oliver will be facing a bad guy, ... It allowed him to "just kind of take [his character], and run with it". .... In its second episode, Arrow became the only new network drama in the ...


Mar 26, 2013 ... Ever since the CW show introduced the character of Roy Harper (Colton ... Arrow: Will Roy Harper's Kidnaping Bring Him Closer to Becoming Speedy? .... Thea wouldn't be a good fit (as Speedy) -- she's not athletic like Roy, ...


Feb 20, 2013 ... Haynes joins The CW's Stephen Amell drama as Roy Harper, ... In the DC Comics, on which Arrow is based, Roy Harper evolves to become known as Speedy -- Green ... that Roy will begin to realize that someone cares about him, and that ... and he had to grow up and take care of himself," the actor says.


Roy became Oliver's sidekick and vigilante partner with the code-name Arsenal up until ... She later came back to apologize, but Roy was kidnapped by Joseph Falk. .... Roy asks how The Arrow does it to which he doesn't reply. ... he lost control of his rage and Oliver had to resort to calling him 'Speedy', Thea's nickname.


Thea is also the ex-girlfriend of Roy Harper. ... and member of Team Arrow using her brother's nickname for her, Speedy, as her code-name. .... She told him to take his mind off of it, to which he responded that he didn't like ... She and Roy were in a romantic relationship, and Thea saw Roy being kidnapped by the Savior.


Roy William Harper, Jr. (born 1991), referred to as simply Roy Harper, also ... but after Oliver forced Roy to break up with Thea and her subsequent kidnapping at ... Roy stated that he wants to find The Hood so he can train him, so he can stop ... In "Keep Your Enemies Closer", Roy informs The Arrow that the funny money ...


Shortly after becoming Speedy, Roy Harper was replaced by a Cadmus clone. ... He does join after enough prompting from Green Arrow, citing his search for the mole as the ... She agrees to help him find Speedy if he will put his past behind him and get himself .... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


Main DCU: Heroes Oliver Queen/Green Arrow I- Action Dad: Father of his successor ... Characters / Green Arrow. × .... Roy Harper/Speedy I/Arsenal/Red Arrow I ...


The first Speedy, Arsenal (Roy Harper), gave Mia a set of his old arrows, ... While Green Arrow distracts the League, Mia kidnaps the Electrocutioner and brings him ... Mia is HIV positive, and as such she is forced to take antiretroviral drugs with ... She learns Queen's secret identity as Green Arrow, but does not become his ...