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Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. Her Roman equivalent is Diana. Some scholars believe that the name, and indeed the goddess herself, was originally pre-Gree...

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Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of...

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Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, the wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child .

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Artemis was the Olympian goddess of hunting and wilderness. She was also known as the protector of young girls and their chastity. It was believed, that she ...

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In the classical period of Greek mythology, Artemis was often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic ...

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Oct 22, 2007 ... Artemis, in Greek religion, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation, and of chastity and childbirth; she was identified by the ...

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Artemis was worshiped in most Greek cities but only as a secondary deity. However, to the Greeks in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) she was a prominent deity.

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Olympian Goddess Artemis (Diana), the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt . Pictures and stories of Goddess Artemis.

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Greek Gods- Picture Gallery of Artemis. Olympian Goddess Artemis (Diana), the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. Pictures and stories of Goddess ...

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Kids learn about the goddess Artemis of Greek Mythology including her symbols, special powers, birth, twin brother Apollo, six wishes, the hunter Orion, fighting ...

Artemis was the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Wild Things, and the Moon.
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Artemis facts, information and stories from ancient Greek mythology. Learn about the Greek goddess of the hunt, the forest, the Moon and archery, Artemis.

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Artemis (Roman equivalent is Diana) is one of the oldest, most complex and interesting forms of the Greek pantheon. The Olympian goddess is the daughter of ...

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Greek Goddess Leto's children Artemis and God Apollo.