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Selective breeding


Selective breeding (also called artificial selection) is the process by which humans use animal breeding and plant breeding to selectively develop particular  ...

Artificial selection - Understanding Evolution


Artificial selection. Long before Darwin and Wallace, farmers and breeders were using the idea of selection to cause major changes in the features of their plants ...

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Artificial selection definition, a process in the breeding of animals and in the cultivation of plants by which the breeder chooses to perpetuate only those forms  ...

SparkNotes: Natural Selection: Artificial Selection


A summary of Artificial Selection in 's Natural Selection. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Natural Selection and what it means.

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It may seem impossible that animals as different as Great Danes and Chihuahuas could both be members of the same species. Natural selection is the process ...

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Feb 11, 2016 ... Artificial selection is an artificial mechanism by which evolution can occur. It is most commonly seen with the careful breeding of plants or ...

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HHMI Holiday Lecture Connection. Dr. David Kingsley describes why Darwin used selective breeding as a key analogy to introduce his idea of evolution by ...

Evolution - A-Z - Artificial selection


Artificial selection is the selective breeding carried out by humans to alter a population. It is a procedure often used in agriculture: artificial selection has been  ...

Artificial Selection in Evolution - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com


Humans have been selectively breeding for desirable traits in plants and animals for a long time. This artificial selection allows for a lot of...

Evolution Basics: Artificial Selection and the Origins of the Domestic ...


Apr 4, 2013 ... In this post, we examine how artificial selection shaped the dog genome during the early domestication process. In the last post in this series, ...

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Artificial Selection at Work - Annenberg Learner


If artificial selection is continued, all of the population will ultimately be tall. Also called selective breeding, artificial selection is perhaps best understood as a ...

Selective Breeding or Artificial Selection


Nov 24, 2013 ... Artificial Selection is a form of selection in which humans actively choose which traits should be passed onto offspring. Humans have used ...

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A definition of artificial selection and how it relates to the Theory of Evolution including examples.