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In the study of history as an academic discipline, a primary source is an artifact, a document, ... Primary sources are distinguished from secondary sources, which cite, ... elements and other information that is passed from one author to another. ... History as an academic discipline is based on primary sources, as evaluated ...


In scholarship, a secondary source is a document or recording that relates or discusses ... One such model is the UNISIST model of information dissemination. ... Secondary sources in history and humanities are usually books or scholarly .... A Hands-On Guide to Learning Citation Form, Thomson Delmar Learning, p.


A tertiary source is an index or textual consolidation of primary and secondary sources. ... a tertiary or a secondary source. This causes difficulty in defining many sources as either one type or the other. ... Views. Read · Edit · View history  ...


I am a teacher and a life long learner. I hold a PhD in education and have been teaching for 29 years. I love to travel and see other places. So far, I have lived in ...


Primary source documents are documents that are created during thehistorical period and are written about the historical period.


We list sources for historical primary documents. Secondary sources analyze, review, or summarize information in primary resources or ... Tertiary resources often provide data in a convenient form or provide information ... An individual document may be a primary source in one context and a secondary source in another.


The Ohio Historical Society defines primary sources as a "source created by people who ... One can view a primary source as a firsthand account of an event. It is important to note that primary sources "present information in its original form, neither ... Observation/experiment, Scientific article based on another's experiment ...


For any historical research project, you need to use evidence in order to support your thesis. ... Your completed NHD project, for example, will be a secondary source! ... Text: An article from a scholarly journal; a book (especially one written by a ... Examples of sources that you can probably trust based on the publisher ...


While often textual, primary sources may take other forms in various areas of research. ... Or a secondary source may be based on other secondary sources. ... by a key word search in one of the subject databases, such as Historical Abstracts, ...


National History Day, an annual program for elementary and secondary students ... Secondary sources are works of synthesis and interpretation based upon primary sources and the work of other authors. They may take a variety of forms. ... a Historian · SCIM-C: Historical Source Analysis · Primary Sources: What Are They?