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Exit doors opened inward, into the auditorium. The crowd pressed against the doors keeping them closed. When people were able to pull the doors open ...

What is the subordinate clause in the sentence: "As soon as the ...


Jul 24, 2016 ... What happened "as soon as the doors opened"? Compare that to the clause "the crowd (subject) pushed (predicate) into the stadium entrance.

What is the subprdinate clause in this sentence As soon as the ...


The subordinate clause is the first part of the sentence,As soon as the doors ... As soon as the doors opened the crowed pushed into the staduim entrance?

What kind of clause is as soon as the doors opened - Answers.com


He opened that door because the princess pointed to it is an adverb clause. true or ... rang the word it modifies is was the subordinating conjunction is as soon as .... in As soon as the doors opened the crowd pushed into the stadium entrance?

Is as soon as the doors open an adverb or adjective clause


He opened that door because the princess pointed to it is an adverb clause. true ... for the sentence As soon as the bell rang Mike was out of the classroom door? .... in As soon as the doors opened the crowd pushed into the stadium entrance?

93 Are Dead After a Crush At Soccer Game in England - NYTimes.com


Apr 16, 1989 ... Some witnesses said certain stadium officials allowed fans to stream in ... ''There are suggestions that a gate or gates were opened to allow people in ... ''It's not a crowd disorder problem - it's a tragedy that occurred because ... The highest death toll at a soccer match occurred in May 1964 ...

AT&T Stadium Unnecessarily Put Lives at Risk : SquaredCircle


Apr 4, 2016 ... AT&T Stadium staff funneled EVERYONE who had floor seats or first tier ... This is after the crowd had thinned out a bit as you can see some .... getting pushed into someone had the bright idea of bringing a baby stroller into the mess. ..... We were lining up for gate abc about 200m from the door when they ...

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Jun 11, 2016 ... The opening of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is rapidly ... noise into the stadium (something that was never once actually proven). ... with the gigantic doors that will serve as the main entrance to the stadium. ... Rumor was the Twins would turn on the fans when the home team was up to help push the ...

Rock & Roll Tragedy: Why 11 Died at the Who's Cincinnati Concert ...


Jan 24, 1980 ... An investigation into why 11 fans died at the Who's Cincinnati concert at ... "We called it animal seating, because when they came in, they came in like a herd of cattle" ... by a bridge from adjacent Riverfront Stadium, where most people park, ... The doors weren't scheduled to open until seven, but t...

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When the doors of the Centre opened mid morning, the shoppers surged forward. ... They pushed their way by jumping over others in front and even trampling ..... being let into the stadium, causing guards to panic and slam shut the gate as the  ...