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The Who concert disaster


The Who concert disaster occurred on 3 December 1979 when British rock band the Who ... The majority of these, 14,770, were unassigned general admission tickets that ... The doors were not opened at...

What is the subordinate clause in the sentence: "As soon as the ...


Jul 24, 2016 ... What happened "as soon as the doors opened"? Compare that to the clause "the crowd (subject) pushed (predicate) into the stadium entrance.

What kind of clause is as soon as the doors opened - Answers


adj. (a+ users) (: ... How soon can you exercise after open nephrectomy? ... or right c) Push or Pull the door open OR Alternatively you could smash the door down ... in As soon as the doors opened the crowd pushed into the stadium entrance?

Rock & Roll Tragedy: Why 11 Died at the Who's Cincinnati Concert ...


Jan 24, 1980 ... An investigation into why 11 fans died at the Who's Cincinnati concert ... only by a bridge from adjacent Riverfront Stadium, where most people park, ... at the forces that made him get a general-admission ticket when he .... There was continuous pushing till seven and then the doors opened shortly after that.

Crowd Disasters | Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still


Forces are due to pushing, and the domino effect of people leaning against each other. ... Six died when 70,000 tried to jam into the stadium for the finals of the South ... The stadium has the entrance to the stands on ground level. ..... When the door to the stairwell was opened, unburned fire-gases ignited and the fire spread ....

Page five | Home Office


1.81 Gate C was adjacent to the turnstiles and once opened the crowd walked through into the ... perimeter fence, officers on the track pushed them back into the crowd. ... When they arrived they were directed to lay people down in the stadium ... and the corresponding body was wheeled on a trolley to the gymnasium door.

A Weekend with Van Halen and the Rolling Stones, 1981


Oct 29, 2014 ... (The first was when Van Halen opened for the Stones at the New ... Roth moons the press box, and the band kicked into “So This Is ... I got in line and was one of the first people to get in the stadium when they opened the doors at 9am. ... up to 10 feet at a time, in whatever direction the crowd was pushing.

AT&T Stadium Unnecessarily Put Lives at Risk : SquaredCircle


Apr 4, 2016 ... This is after the crowd had thinned out a bit as you can see some light at the .... I was literally picked up off my feet and was getting pushed into someone had the ..... We were lining up for gate abc about 200m from the door when they just ... The back of our line disappeared into the stadium while we were ...

Crush Point - The New Yorker


Feb 7, 2011 ... About two hundred shoppers pushed into the buffer zone. ... glass outer doors that led into a glassed-in, high-ceilinged entrance vestibule that ... stockroom, to stand at the sides of the vestibule as the outer doors were opened, .... in a crowd crush at Hillsborough stadium when fans were trying to get into a ...

Thousands of fans were still pouring into the stadium ... - Daily Mail


Apr 26, 2016 ... The fatal decision to open a gate allowing thousands of fans to pour into ... thousands of fans poured into Hillsborough stadium not knowing that those at the front of the .... which caused fans to rush forward and crowd the pens even more. Pressure built up, and narrow gates in two of the pens were opened.

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What is the subprdinate clause in this sentence As soon as the ...


The subordinate clause is the first part of the sentence,As soon as the doors ... As soon as the doors opened the crowed pushed into the staduim entrance?

Is as soon as the doors open an adverb or adjective clause - Answers


adverb ... He opened that door because the princess pointed to it is an adverb clause. true or false? ... It's an adverb because it is answering the question when. .... in As soon as the doors opened the crowd pushed into the stadium entrance?

93 Are Dead After a Crush At Soccer Game in England - NYTimes.com


Apr 16, 1989 ... Some witnesses said certain stadium officials allowed fans to stream in ... ''There are suggestions that a gate or gates were opened to allow people in ... ''It's not a crowd disorder problem - it's a tragedy that occurred because ... The highest death toll at a soccer match occurred in May 1964 ...