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Textiles were the dominant industry of the Industrial Revolution in terms of ... is still debated among historians, as is the pace of economic and social changes. ..... the coke pig iron he made was...

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It was a fundamental change in the way goods were produced, and altered the way people lived. The Industrial Revolution is a major turning point in world history. ... a change in farming methods that allowed for a greater production of food. ... Societal Changes: New roles were defined for Middle Class men and women.

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The Industrial Revolution - an introductory essay for the Online research catalogue of ... change in all aspects of life, as a result of the Industrial Revolution . ... and industrial production, economic expansion and changes in living conditions, ... nails and pins were some of the most important goods that were mass-produced.

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From Britain the Industrial Revolution spread gradually throughout Europe ... The most important of the changes that brought about the Industrial Revolution were ... of industry has increased so enormously that another revolution in production ... The goods made in these shops, though of high quality, were limited and costly .

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New machines that were introduced during the Industrial Revolution needed more and more power to work. ... As a result, the iron production increased and by the early 1800s enough iron was produced to make the goods that people needed ...

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Find out more about the history of Industrial Revolution, including videos, interesting ... and variety of manufactured goods and an improved standard of living for some, ... of production, which led to the rise of mechanization and the factory system. ... Before mechanization and factories, textiles were made mainly in people's ...

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The Industrial Revolution increased the material wealth of the Western world. ... and repair of roads, dams, windmills, and canals were completed as a result of this tax. ... This group made money by moving goods and services through the economic ... A multifaceted revolution in every aspect of agricultural production would ...

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Economic changes – mass production of goods. a. Motor vehicle ... Mass production meant more items were produced at lower costs. i. More people could afford ...

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The Industrial Revolution was a fundamental change in the way goods were produced, from human labor to ... Development of factory system of production; Rural-to-urban migration ... After 1750 – these changes were noticeable first in England ... The Commercial Revolution made many English merchants very wealthy.

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Before the Industrial Revolution people made goods on a small-scale from their ... Before the invention of steam engines, wind mills and water wheels were used for ... The result of these changes was industrial towns, places like Manchester, ... conditions and mass-production helped increase the amount of goods made.

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Manufactured goods were made in factories. ... How did the production of goods change during the Industrial Revolution? manufactured goods were made in ...



The Industrial Revolution changed the way things were made as new machines ... Mass production in factories made it possible to manufacture goods more ...

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2. The factory replaced the home as the center of production. 3. The standard of living grew higher as more goods were produced. 4. Factory jobs tended to bore  ...

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Industrial Revolution, term usually applied to the social and economic changes ... which production had also increased as a result of technological improvements), ... It created a specialized and interdependent economic life and made the urban ... income to afford exotic goods such as cotton cloth and china; These were the ...

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This change in production, now known as the Industrial Revolution, began in ... For example, prior to the Industrial Revolution, textiles were primarily made of ... During the Industrial Revolution changes took place in how goods were produced.