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The history of the United States from 1865 until 1918 covers the Reconstruction Era, the Gilded ... With a decisive victory in 1865 over Southern secessionists in the Civil War, the United States became a united and powerful nation .... Their chief motivation to move west was to find a better economic life than the one they had.


The history of the British Army spans over three and a half centuries since its founding in 1660 ... At the end of the First Civil War the New Model Army survived attempts by .... superior strength in North America, winning a decisive battle at Quebec. ..... was administered on a better planned basis than in the First World War.


Successful blockade - the South could not import or export.Industrial ... As the Civil War dragged on why was the North in better shape to win than the South?


But northern advantages would prove crucial as the war dragged on. ... Since most of the South's money came from exporting cotton the North aimed to shut ... In addition to having a population that was more than twice that of the South, the  ...


Put that way, the business of fighting and winning wars sounds simple ... Former editor of Civil War Times Illustrated and author of more than thirty books ... The South lost because the North outmanned and outclassed it at almost every point, militarily. Despite the long-held notion that the South had all of the better generals, ...


Economy and the Civil War; Constrasting Economics of the North and South ... officers and dedication to a cause, it was inevitable that the Union would win the war. ... than the South (see "Contrasting Economies" Section), the North had better ...


When the Civil War began, there were fewer than 20,000 soldiers in the ... to physically overpower the Confederates to win control of the southern states. ... The high-level military strategies for the North and South continued to be attack and defend. ... leader, would be able to drill the Union troops into battle-ready shape.


Get information, facts, and pictures about American Civil War at Encyclopedia. com. ... The North was growing and evolving at a more rapid pace than the .... On the whole, Northern students tended to perform better at the technically oriented ... the South would win her independence, but whether the North would give up the ...


As the war dragged on, this inferiority on the high seas would emerge as a key ... The Confederate Army was in far better shape though, at least in terms of manpower. ... "Early in the Civil War the South did a better job than the North in identifying its ... Others maintained that the Union could still win back the loyalty of the ...


As the war dragged on, more and more Americans grew weary of mounting casualties and ... The North Vietnamese, they argued, were fighting a patriotic war to rid ... in Vietnam was 19, seven years younger than its World War II counterpart. ... They knew better than anyone else the horrors of war, post- traumatic stress ...