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Asian Americans are Americans of Asian descent. The term refers to a panethnic group that ... Today, Asian American is the accepted term for most formal purposes, such as government and academic research, although it is often shortened to ... More »


Asian American history is the history of ethnic and racial groups in the United States who are of Asian descent. Spickard (2007) shows that "'Asian American' ...


A timeline of Asian immigration the United States and Asian-Americans in the US including migration, discrimination, laws & wars. From 1850 to present.


When they first arrived in the United States, Asian (usually Chinese) immigrants were welcomed, or at least tolerated. After the California gold rush brought ...


A look at the long history of Asian Americans and its role in shaping American identity.


The following history on Asian American was taken from the JACL curriculum guide, The Journey from Gold Mountain: The Asian American Experience, ...


Article about the first Asians in America and early period of Asian American history, including the Gold Rush in California, the Transcontinental Railroad, ...


The Asian Pacific American (APA) population is comprised of a dynamic and complex mix of ethnicities and cultures. Within this broad range of cultural variation, ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... Karan Mahajan on Erika Lee's “The Making of Asian America,” which explores how systemic racism shaped the history of Asians in America.


Learn about ten notable Asian Americans who have contributed to American history and heritage. Students can read short biographies about Yo-Yo Ma, ...