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The Culture of Asia is human civilization in Asia. It features different kinds of cultural heritage of ... all playing major roles. One of the most complex parts of Asian culture is the relationship...

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"Heritage" is defined as the customs and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation of families and society. A person with Asian heritage is ...

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Jan 20, 2015 ... Chinese culture reflects the customs and traditions of one of the largest countries in the world, with 1.34 billion people.

Characteristics of the Traditional Asian Family - College of Education

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Characteristics of the Traditional Asian Family ... b/t parents and children; family reflects traditional ways and children see another way of life (American culture).

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This newsletter introduces our community of readers to some of the basic concepts behind the traditional medicines and healing practices of Asian cultures .

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Asia spans hundreds of longitude and as a result you find a variety of culture and traditions in Asia. Asian people are generally closely bound to their traditions ...

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Orientation. Identification. The Chinese refer to their country as the Middle Kingdom, an indication of how central they have felt themselves to be throughout  ...

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Chinese culture guide to Chinese traditions, customs, festivals, myths, legends, traditional clothing and ornaments, folk handicraft, folk arts, and Chinese ethnic ...

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In traditional Chinese culture, the family is the basic unit of society, while individuals are only one part of the family. The blood relationship between the father ...

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Basic information on Chinese culture and food, along with helpful links for more information.

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An essay about Asian American bicultural identity, traditional values, and customs from root cultures.

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There are a large number of countries that constitute this continent and as a result it is home to a wide variety of cultures and traditions. People of Asia are very ...

Cultural Values of Asian Patients and Families - Dimensions of Culture


In this newsletter article we will take a look at Asian cultures. ... In the traditional Asian family, parents define the law and the children are expected to abide by ...