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Criticism of Myspace


The social networking website Myspace has faced criticism on a variety of fronts. Many of these ... Myspace's anti-phishing and anti-spam measures have also come under fire. ... Allen Joplin, a ...

How can I connect to MySpace at school? - Ask Dave Taylor


May 4, 2006 ... Can u help me get into myspace because my school blocks it is there any way to get in, and if yes can u tell me how to me how and what i got to ...

How do I block MySpace users from emailing me? - Ask Dave Taylor


Dec 19, 2007 ... Ask Dave Taylor ... When I get a request to approve comment on MySpace that's clearly spam, ... how can you unblock myspace from school?

Updated: How do I change my MySpace profile picture? - Ask Dave ...


Apr 3, 2008 ... Where you can immediately get confused with MySpace is that you can't ... Paris Bias had every right to ask how to get on Myspace at school.

How can I hook up with a friend already on MySpace? - Ask Dave ...


Apr 18, 2006 ... I just met this cool girl and want to hook up with her on MySpace, but I don't know how ... didn't have calling cards that included their MySpace identification ... You can search by school, network affiliate and even name, display ...

How do I add a MySpace friend if they don't have ... - Ask Dave Taylor


Oct 29, 2007 ... I have never had a problem before but there is one profile of these guys I went to high school with that I want to add, but I have searched their ...

This is Myspace


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How to Get on MySpace at school - Instructables


If you have ever been on a computer at school recently then you know that they have annoying blockers that keep you from ... Maybe you want to get on MySpace to access your social life. ... Do you wonder why I'm asking these questions?

How MySpace Totally Blew It's Big Relaunch - hypebot


Feb 4, 2013 ... What Dave Grohl Learned About Reddit When His AMA ... that they would erase the audience that the bands had built and ask them to start over. ... Getting musicians to care at all about MySpace again is a hard enough challenge. .... new cars; I've put my kids through private school; and I don't play covers.

From MySpace to Dave's Place... - BlackBook


Jan 13, 2008 ... From MySpace to Dave's Place… .... “I'd ask them what magazines they look at and they didn't have anything to say,” LaChapelle laughs. .... In the mid-'80s, he dropped out of high school in North Carolina to pursue his ...

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Can I search for MySpace friends based on school? - Ask Dave Taylor


Oct 6, 2008 ... Hey Dave. I wanna search MySpace to find some of my friends at my high school. Is there some way to do that, or do I need to get their ...

How do I remove deleted friends in MySpace? - Ask Dave Taylor


Sep 12, 2007 ... The way you can eliminate them is to go to your MySpace profile, ... hey how can i get myspace on my computer at school plzz help i am bord.

How can I approve friend requests on MySpace? - Ask Dave Taylor


Apr 19, 2006 ... First off, every time I go to the MySpace site I think I'm logged in .... many fights at my school over myspace and theres this girl named Ysauna ...