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If you're a housekeeper or maid, or own a cleaning service, learn how to deal with ... When you do something as varied as cleaning houses, even your set rates can change . ... Here are seven common questions housekeepers ask about taxes -- and ... both parties typically split the Social Security and Medicare taxes owed.


Apr 7, 2013 ... If you've filed your taxes on time every April as long as you can ... My Account ..... That sweet old lady across the street whom you pay $50 a week to pick up your ... she has had clients owe the IRS up to six figures in back taxes and penalties. ... Social Security, Medicare and federal and state income taxes.


Do you plan to pay a cleaning person, cook, gardener ... If you will pay at least $2,000 to one person, you have ... Deduct Social Security and Medicare taxes .... my Social Security account, which you can ... We ask for your patience during busy.


Do I Have to Pay Federal Taxes on $3,000 of Self-Employment Income? ... the equivalent of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act for Social Security, paid by  ...


Dec 29, 2014 ... She cleans for other people too, so I look at her as an independent contractor, ... Thanks for any advice you can give! Jane. Email. Comment31BookmarkLike ... years as a household employee, withheld federal tax, Social Security, and .... ...... and for $600, I wouldn't give the cleaning lady a 1099, give her a ...


Almost everyone I know has a biweekly cleaning lady and it's all cash under the table (still ... When should I tell Social Security about my name.


Do I have to pay payroll taxes for the cleaning lady that comes weekly? ... remit their share of Social Security and Medicare tax independent of the employer.


If you need to pay social security, Medicare, or federal unemployment tax or ... When you hire a household employee: □ Find out if the person can legally work ... nor your employee will owe social security or Medicare tax on those wages. ..... Ask your employer to withhold more federal income tax from your wages in 2017.


My Account Sign In ... The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) lists three categories of information to be ... the IRS provides Form SS-8, Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding (PDF); either the worker or the employer can fill out ... by Jane Haskins, Esq., Sep 2007.


Apr 5, 2011 ... Throughout its 75 year history, Social Security has provided critical economic ... The American people will insist that Congress do what is needed for the ... to pay taxes on his Wall Street profits at the same rate as a janitor cleaning ... The interest the government owes to the Social Security Trust Fund for the ...