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The Boy or Girl paradox surrounds a set of questions in probability theory which are also known ... Other variants of this question, with varying degrees of ambiguity, have been popularized by Ask Marilyn in Parade Magazine, ..... The difference here is the P(b), which is just the probability of drawing a boy from all possible ...


Aug 26, 2015 ... The following question appeared in the “Ask Marilyn” column in the August 16, ... straw, there is absolutely a 1 in 4 chance of each drawing the straw. .... memories so that the probability of tossing a head with a fair coin on the ...


Jun 7, 2016 ... I really don't wanna lose interest in drawing her, but I'm afraid I have. ... However, since people continue to ask me if I'll draw more Marilyn pictures, I guess this is a better time than ever to tell you ..... Fare thee well Marilyn.


Oct 21, 2016 ... Nick Tabron, caricature artist at the state fair, considers it a privilege to draw 100s of people per day.


FAIR USE NOTICE. ... They began arguing last September after Marilyn vos Savant published a puzzle in Parade. As readers of her "Ask Marilyn" column are reminded each week, Ms. vos Savant .... Drawing illustrating choices of 'door' game.


The probability of a 1025-vote margin of victory assuming fair balloting (which Mr. Ashenfelter estimates as ... Ask Marilyn Parade Magazine, 12 June 1994, p18.


Our original tree measure gave us the probabilities for drawing a ball of a given color ... 1Marilyn vos Savant, Ask Marilyn, Parade Magazine, 9 September; ..... should be assigned the probability 1/8, since we are assuming that we have a fair .


Feb 28, 1996 ... Is Monopoly a fair game? ... Ask Marilyn: Which tire? ..... you are 2,500 times more likely to die before the Saturday draw than land the jackpot.


After this, the article claims that since there are 2 drawings of numbers, that the .... Finally, we just discussed this in the Ask Marilyn thread, but if the question is ... If it is a fair lottery every number should be equally probable.


Nonsensical Ask Marilyn puzzle in 11/2/14 Parade Magazine column The ... in a properly-constructed Sudoku, but is it a fair assumption in other cases? ...... I am skeptical as anyone else about drawing a sharp formal line ...