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Peter Answers - Virtual Tarot. Site to play Peter Answers Online and ask anything you want. Peter please answer the following question...


Feb 10, 2010 ... ask peter personal questions. The ultimate secret to Ask Peter is actually a bit of creative Javascripting. Getting Peter to answer a question ...


If it's a question you don't know the answer to, you can ask them for the answer, telling them that if they say the question and answer out loud, Peter will hear ...


Peter pretends to be a lost soul that answers any question he is asked, similar ... what they are holding in their hands or any personal question they want to ask.


Feb 21, 2007 ... Ask Peter Answers Peters Answers: Evil Spirit or Scary Prank? by Chris ... Peter Answers My Question: How does peteranswers.com work?


Aug 6, 2017 ... This article is about how to use Peter Answers Prank Website to trick your friends & secret behind ... How to get Peter to answer your questions?


Peter pretends to be a virtual tarot that answers any question he is asked. Our friends will be astonished when Peter answers to them what kind of clothes are ...


Peter Answers. Peter has the answer to any question! You can ask Peter any sort of question. However, before you ask your question, you must phrase a request ...


Questions and Answers about Peter Piper Pizza. Here's what people have asked and answered about working for and interviewing at Peter Piper Pizza.