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Ask Slashdot: Best Options For a Standalone Offline Printing Station ...


Jan 1, 2015 ... I have a Raspberry Pi and a small touch display that I could spare, how about I ... Should he consider buying a 3G-capable WiFi router (there are enough ..... I can plug a printer with a USB OTG cable directly into my phone and print. ..... the power requirements and size are so small that it's perfectly feasible.

Ask Slashdot: Keeping Cloud Data Encrypted Without Cross ...


Jun 23, 2015 ... ... Android devices. I have been using encfs, which does the job for Linux fairly w.. . ... You can buy many home routers with a USB port. Plug in a thumb .... I use Bittorrent Sync, it is fast and has a good mobile app. You need to ... with ownCloud or SeaFile, a Raspberry Pi 2, and whatever size USB you want.

Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server? - Slashdot


Jan 15, 2014 ... Serviio looked good too, and 'sees' my music, and sees the movie folders that Plex .... I have MiniDLNA running on a raspberry pi with 1TB self powered usb disk attached. ..... Just buy a NAS from Synology and be done with it. .... remote this is perfect (the old white plastic one didn't have enough buttons)...

Raspberry Pi vs. Cheap Android Dongle - Slashdot Hardware


Dec 27, 2012 ... Submission: Raspberry Pi versus Android Mini PC, Fight! ... You can buy a breadboard compatible breakout board that comes with a .... This is unlike other Linux based mobile device, which already are ..... I have about a zillion unused perfectly good 5V TTL chips (think 74xx ..... Is that too much to ask?

Ask Slashdot: Best Wireless PC-to-TV Solution? - Slashdot


Jul 30, 2015 ... I just have a desktop PC which I use for most of the stuff I do (gaming, ... Raspberry pi + micro sd + usb wifi (assuming he's lazy and didn't run cat5 ..... Frankly, given the (rather depressing) answers here, I'm thinking the best option is me buying a laptop. ..... Pixel perfect HDMI transmission with zer...

Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack? - Slashdot


Jun 2, 2015 ... Consider old routers, cell phones, monitors, etc. that have absolutely no .... The Raspberry Pi caches readings in a local database in case it can't ... Turned out, it was working perfectly: the resolution of the humidity sensor was good enough that I ...... But more fun was to buy a remote case/flip key fob for it.

Ask Slashdot: Best Country For Secure Online Hosting? - Slashdot


4 days ago ... And does anyone have a recommendation on which provider(s) are the best ... Ask Slashdot: What Country Has the Best Email Privacy Laws? .... Ever plugged in your smartphone to your machine to maybe, synch something? ... Yep, I would DIY with a $35 raspberry pi, $10 microSD card, $15 case, and a ...

First Steps With the Raspberry Pi - Slashdot


Jun 3, 2012 ... An anonymous reader writes "The Raspberry Pi received an ... Honestly these near-daily advertisements for sub-cellphone hardware on slashdot are getting tiring. ... also the gpio port issue, if you buy a usb to gpio interface adapter. ... No need to be rude -- I'm only asking what's the draw for Raspberry Pi...

Ask Slashdot: Best Use For an Old Smartphone? - Slashdot


Aug 23, 2012 ... Several generations of smartphones later, my wife and I have some random ... Buy the parts from chinese retailers, do the work yourself and the phone ...... You can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and have the perfect ...

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Ask Slashdot: Why Buy a Raspberry Pi When I Have a Perfectly ...


Mar 25, 2013 ... Ask Slashdot: Why Buy a Raspberry Pi When I Have a Perfectly Good ... Submission: Why by a Pi I when have a perfectly good cellphone?

Ask Slashdot: What Interesting Things Can I Power With an External ...


May 30, 2015 ... or get the MVP vape and your vape becomes the external charger ... I use mine to power my raspberry pi sometime .... I've been wanting a good single-item fridge for years, but good ones are very hard to come by. .... I regularly power my 3DS XL from a USB battery pack (you can buy USB to 3DS cables), ...

Slashdot: Ubuntu Core Gets Support For Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO and I2C


Aug 22, 2015 ... It recently gained support for I2C and GPIO on the Raspberry Pi 2, and a quick demo is g. ... Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack?

Ask Slashdot: Instead of a Laptop, a Tiny Computer and Projector ...


Jun 17, 2012 ... There are quite a few tiny computers available, Raspberry Pi and ... Does anyone have a recommendation for either the computer or the ... If you want a projector, just buy the Air or other ultrabook, and buy a ...... A good picoprojector will cost you as much if not more than a perfect good netbook ($200-250).

Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Open and Affordable IPCams? - Slashdot


Jul 22, 2015 ... IMHO, best one I have is a Samsung 95% wide angle PT camera shallow ..... Raspberry Pi 2 model B does hardware based h.264 encoding .... It is Windows only, but it's open source and web/mobile clients are available. .... they are damn near perfect and the more people that actually buy them the better !