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According to WebMD, Asperger's syndrome is a mild developmental disorder similar to autism. Asperger's syndrome is less debilitating than autism, and individuals who suffer from As...

Asperger Syndrome
Asperger's syndrome is considered to be on the mild end of the autism spectrum, a group of neurological disorders. It is characterized by social difficulties, repetitive behavior, and rigid focus on routine. More »

Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's syndrome, Asperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is ...
Do I Have Asperger Syndrome? The most critical point is that you choose a therapist, neurologist or center with significant experience in diagnosing adults with AS. Since it is relatively new to the DSM-IV (diagnostic manual), the diagnosis may be something many practi... More »
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What is Asperger's Syndrome? Symptoms, tests, Causes, Treatments

Learn more from WebMD about Asperger's syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that affects language and behavioral development in children.

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Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) considered to be on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum. Affected children and adults have ...

Asperger Syndrome Fact Sheet: National Institute of Neurological ...

Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social ...

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Asperger syndrome (AS) is part of a group of diagnoses called "autistic spectrum disorders" - developmental disabilities that include autism and other disorders ...

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Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum. An individual's symptoms can range from mild to ...

About Asperger's Syndrome
Asperger's syndrome, sometimes called just Asperger's or AS, is an autism spectrum disorder that restricts a patient socially and behaviorally. People with Asperger's syndrome do not have the linguistic and cognitive challenges found in other autism... More »
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Q: How to Diagnose Asperger Syndrome.
A: 1. Know the symptoms of Asperger syndrome. Children who are diagnosed with Asperger syndrome tend to be apathetic about developing social relationships, and do ... Read More »
Q: How to Treat Asperger's Syndrome.
A: Many Methods of Treatment. Children with Asperger's syndrome often struggle with social and communication skills. They might be able to learn these skills when ... Read More »
Q: How to Live with Asperger's Syndrome
A: 1 Don't think of Asperger's as a disease. Think of it as a personality type. Every personality type has its positives and negatives. People with Asperger's are ... Read More »
Q: How to Cope With Asperger's Syndrome
A: 1 Understand that you are different, but not in a bad way. People with Asperger Syndrome are different in their actions and thoughts, this by no chance means yo... Read More »
Q: Why is Asperger's Syndrome important?
A: It's not a question of importance - it's a question of how important it is to know about it. I was born with Asperger's Syndrome and I wasn't diagnosed until 20... Read More »