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What Is The Right Age To Start Using Tampons? - U by Kotex®


There aren't any rules as to when girls are ready to use tampons. ... she will know that she can turn to you in the future should she decide she is ready to do so.

At what age can girls use tampons instead of pads for their period ...


Jun 15, 2011 ... Once a girl begins to menstruate (have periods), she can use tampons. There's no specific age since the time when a girl gets her first period ...

Should Tween Girls Use Tampons? - Verywell


Mar 26, 2016 ... Deciding whether or not a girl can use tampons depends on two things: ... at a young age, and as long as they understand how to use tampons ...

How to Know when You're Ready to Start Using a Tampon: 7 Steps


Before you learn how to use a tampon, you have to determine if you're ready. Start using a tampon at any age, as long as you're already menstruating. ... cups which are safer and can be more convenient than tampons, while other girls prefer ...

Are tampons safe for teenagers? - Philly.com


Jul 1, 2015 ... This usually occurs between ages 12 and 13, but it can happen as early as 9 ... Luckily, the first menstrual period doesn't sneak up on girls. ... Tampon myths: Many times teenagers think that they are too young to use tampons.

Is it safe for girls below the age of 15 to use tampons? - Quora


Tampons aren't recommended to pre-teens or teens. Tampons have multiple health ... toxins that enter the bloodstream where they overwhelm the immune system - TSS is rare but can be fatal so should be taken seriously.

At what age can a girl use tampons? - Puberty - Sharecare


A girl can start using tampons at any age once she starts menstruating and is comfortable inserting one. In fact, for girls who play sports, tampons are often the  ...

Questions About Menarche and Tampons - FamilyEducation


I am dating a man that has a 12-year-old girl. Recently she has started her period and is asking if she can wear tampons. At what age should she be allowed to ...

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The average age for starting menstruation is 12.5 years of age. ... She can use tampons from her first period if she wants to although many girls use pads for their ...

Is it ok for my Almost 12 Year Old Daughter to Use Tampons ...


Do you have a young daughter? Want to know when can she start using a tampon? Browse existing questions or ask your own on the CAREFREE® Q&A page ...

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Pads and Tampons - KidsHealth


Other tampons can be inserted using your fingers. Girls ... Many girls start out using pads, but might want to use tampons when they do sports or go swimming.

Tampons---- At What Age Do You Let You Child Use Them?


Oct 9, 2009 ... But i let her practice putting them in. so when she does start using them . it will not ... I dont let my girls use tampons until they are in high school.

How to Use Tampons | 9 Common Questions - Tampax.com


As soon as you start having your period, you're old enough to use tampons, like ... It's best to use the lowest absorbency tampon you can — while still getting the ...