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It's impossible to name the exact temperature at which you'll be able to see your breath, but a good estimate would be around 45 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

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When and why can you see your breath on a cold winter day?

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Feb 6, 2015 ... The more humid it is, the warmer the temperatures you can see your breath in. If the relative humidity of the outside air is already above 50% ...

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Jul 20, 2009 ... Why is Texas so humid? At what temperature can you see your breath? Can it be too cold too snow? Does the sunset move to the right or to the ...

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The simple answer is of course that as your breath mixes with the cold outside air , the relative humidity (RH) increases. If it can reach ... This can be calculated with the breath condensation calculator. If you're interested, here is the actual calculation. As the air ..... If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting gu...

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How cold does it have to be in order to see your breath when you ... On a very humid day, with the right lighting, you can see your breath at ...

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You may have noticed that you can see your breath when the weather is cold, especially if you exhale really hard. But what causes this and why doesn't it ...

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Apr 27, 2004 ... Q. Under what conditions can you see your breath? ... As exhaled air mixes with outside air, the temperature of the exhaled air goes down, ...

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Jan 20, 2015 ... Quick Questions explains how cold winter air triggers the same processes that form clouds, fog, and dew … so you can see your breath! Hosted ...

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Jan 21, 2016 ... It has to do with more than just temperature. Humidity of the ambient air and humidity and temperature of the air you breath out also play a role ...

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When you exhale when it's cold outside, the water vapor in your breath condenses into lots of tiny droplets of liquid water and ice (solid water) that you can see ...

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Sometimes the temperature can be warmer and people still see their breath. The level of ... What is the path that air takes when you take in a breath? A: When a ...

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Well, all people breathe out air, but I think what you're asking is why you can see your breath if it's really cold out. And the reason may not be what you expect.