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Problem of Hell


Symbol designed by Atheist Alliance International in 2007 .... denominations of Christianity believe that only by accepting Jesus can one be saved from Hell.

What Do Atheists Believe About Heaven and Hell? [unsigned ...


Atheism does not consist of any positive beliefs, such as "There is no Heaven" or "There is no Hell" or "There are no gods." True, many atheists carry their ...

Do atheists believe in heaven and hell? - Quora


Strictly speaking, atheism refers to the position that there are no gods, which might include certain exotic religions that do believe in an afterlife but no...

Why Even Atheists Can Believe in Heaven - OnFaith


Aug 29, 2014 ... I may not be religious, but I do believe in heaven. While this belief is intellectually inconsistent, I can't help but find comfort in the idea of heaven ...

What. Do atheists believe in heaven and hell? | Yahoo Answers


Feb 11, 2010 ... Just been thinking and would like honest answers from atheists. Have noticed some comments from atheists where they make reference to ...

10 Questions About Hell From an Atheist - OnFaith


Jul 8, 2015 ... And as an atheist, I think the right way to think about hell is also the right ... Some believe we were predestined for heaven or hell before birth, ...

Seven Common Misconceptions About Atheism - Secular Web


Keith Parsons refutes seven popular misconceptions about atheism. ... (2) Since atheists do not believe in heaven and hell, what motivation do they have to be ...

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Hell is a concept in some types of Christianity and in some other religions notably Islam. Not all christians actually believe in hell, even many exclusivists don't ...

Atheist and Christian argue about hell (in a Starbucks). Atheist wins.


Dec 6, 2013 ... Tom: That if I don't believe in the reality of the same God that you just told me loves me, then that God will condemn me to hell for all eternity.

Why so-called atheists believe in God, Heaven, and even the Bible ...


Nov 4, 2014 ... The survey found that these atheists hold other religious beliefs. Eleven percent believe in Heaven (or a place of eternal reward for being good) ...

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Q: Do atheist believe in hell.....?
A: No, they don't... lmao I always wondered why some Christians tell Atheists that they are going to Hell, when Atheists don't uphold Christian beliefs, one of the... Read More »
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Q: Do atheists believe in hell?
A: Although the term atheism originated in 16th-century France, ideas that would be recognized today as atheistic existed before the advent of Classical antiquity.... Read More »
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Q: Do atheists believe in hell.
A: Atheist generally don't believe in many things, but the only "for certain" common denominator is the lack of belief in a god or gods. The overall list would inc... Read More »
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Q: Do atheist believe that there is a hell?
A: Since Atheists don't believe in God, they also don't believe in a heaven or a... Read More »
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Q: Do atheists believe in heaven and hell?
A: A tenth of atheists believe in heaven and hell. The term atheism originated Read More »
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