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Auxins are a class of plant hormones (or plant growth substances) with some morphogen-like ... Auxins typically act in concert with, or in opposition to, other plant hormones. .... ARF (auxin respon...

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All data emerging from cell culture studies suggest that auxin acts as a permissive signal for cell division providing the necessary competence to enter into the ...

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Auxin is a plant hormone produced in the stem tip that promotes cell elongation. ... The roots of the plant act as miners moving through the soil and bringing needed .... One plant response to environmental stimulus involves plant parts moving ...

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Mar 4, 2005 ... Current assays for auxin response in the model plant Arabidopsis ... studies in arabidopsis indicate that IBA acts primarily through conversion to ...

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Jan 29, 2015 ... Auxin responses are governed by two separate signaling pathways—the ..... Can IBA or other auxin precursors act as signaling molecules?

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“turn”) are positive or negative growth responses of plants to external stimuli ..... Auxin acts to adapt the plant to its environment in a highly advantageous way.

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A Model for Auxin Response through the TIR1 Auxin Receptor Pathway. Transcriptionally ... These data suggested that auxin acts by a novel mechanism.

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One potential substrate is the product of the SAR1 gene. By genetic criteria,SAR1 has a negative role in auxin response, and acts downstream of AXR1 (Cernac ...

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Insight into the mechanism of auxin action in the gravitropic response has recently been gained by the .... AUX1 acts as an IAA/proton transporter into cells.

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view of the two cases presented below where a positive auxin response is .... Since IAA step-ups act first by inhibiting elongation (transient inhibition) and.

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A plant's sensory response to external stimuli relies on hormones, which are simply ... Auxins also act as a relay for the effects of the blue light and red/far-red  ...

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The most important auxin produced by plants is indole-3-acetic acid (IAA). It plays important ... Gravitropism. Gravitropism is a plant growth response to gravity.

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Feb 2, 2016 ... Auxin-independent NAC Pathway Acts in Response to Explant-Specific Wounding and Promotes Root Tip Emergence during De Novo Root ...