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List of average human height worldwide - Wikipedia


Below are average adult human heights by country or geographical region. The original studies and sources should be consulted for details on methodology ...

Average Height for Women | Average Female Height


Jul 17, 2016 ... View the average height and weight of women by country with interactive weight chart. Average Female Height. Height and weight chart.

Average height and weight charts - Moose and Doc


Commonly searched: Average male height and average weight for women, weight and health chart, and so on. The charts in this collection show all sorts of ...

FastStats - Body Measurements - CDC


Jul 15, 2016 ... Measured average height, weight, and waist circumference for adults ages 20 years and over ... Waist circumference (inches): 39.7; Women:

What is the average height of a woman? | Reference.com


According to Disabled World, different regions of the world have people of varying average heights. The average height of an American female is 63.8 inches or ...

Women's height linked with cancer - USA Today


Jul 26, 2013 ... The average height of a woman in the U.S. is about 5 feet, 4 inches, up about an inch in the last few decades, according to the Centers for ...

What is the average height of a woman? | Reference.com


According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average height for a woman in the U.S. is 63.8 inches. This is just a little less than 5 feet 4 inches....

Dutch men and Latvian women tallest in world according to 100-year


Jul 26, 2016 ... The height of men and women in the UK has increased by around ... Latvian women are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of ...

Why Have Americans Stopped Growing Taller? - ABC News


Since data on Americans' average height was first collected in the early 20th ... the past 50 years to about 5 feet 9 inches for men and 5 feet 4 inches for women.

Average Female Height by Country - ChartsBin.com


Feb 3, 2016 ... This chart shows the average female height by country.

The average height for an adult male in the United States is 69.2 inches (5 feet, 9.2 inches). The average height for a woman is 64 inches (5 feet, 4 inches).
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Height Chart of Men and Women in Different Countries


Chart showing the average height of males and females in various world countries.

Average American Woman's Weight and Height | LIVESTRONG.COM


Oct 27, 2015 ... The average height and weight of women varies around the world, but in the United States in 2010, the average adult female height was 63.8 ...

What is the average woman's height? - Quora


In the US: How tall are the national average height of women in America? The average female American womens height is 163 to 164 cm, which is ...