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Earnings for Hospital Administrators in the United States come in at around $96K per year on average. Pay generally varies between $48K and $177K per year.

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Average Hospital Administrator salaries for job postings in Alaska are 21% lower than average Hospital Administrator salaries for job postings nationwide.

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Effective healthcare administrators are very important to the successful management ... Indeed.com states that the average salary for hospital CFOs is $106,000:.

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Average Hospital Administrator Salary: $67000. Search and compare Hospital Administrator Salary by location for free.

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Browse Average Salary Ranges for Healthcare -- Administrative Jobs ... Alter Job Title: Healthcare Annual Gift Director , Hospital Annual Gift Director; Appeal ...

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As the head of operations, a hospital administrator oversees clinical units, .... of Labor, healthcare administrators collectively have a average salary of about ...

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While they don't interact with patients, they do make sure that the hospital is running ... Highest Paying States for Healthcare Administrators State Salary ( hourly) 1.

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As a hospital administrator, also referred to as a healthcare administrator or manager, you are responsible for the success ... Highest Average Salary by Location.

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The average salary for healthcare administrators was $103,700 in May 2014, the BLS said. Average pay for administrators in hospitals was $110,800, while ...

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Oct 21, 2013 ... For 2013, the median base salary for independent health system CEOs is roughly ... by the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. ... That study said the average nonprofit hospital CEO earned ...

Salary Profile for Hospital Administrator
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $87,000 $132,000 $60,000
National $67,000 $102,000 $47,000
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May 17, 2014 ... National average annual salaries in 2013 for health-related job titles. Figures do not include ... $386,000. Hospital administrator. $236,800.

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Hospital administrators ensure the effective delivery of healthcare services. ... 2014, the average annual salary for health services managers such as hospital ...

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With experience, hospital administrators can earn a six-figure salary. ... As of 2011, health services managers earned an average $96,030 a year, reports the ...