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Although there is no documented average time for running a mile, seven to 10 minutes is often cited as the average time for a person who is in pretty good shape. Many factors impac...

The time it will take for one to run a mile depends on age, running form and fitness level.

How Fast Should You Run a Mile? | LIVESTRONG.COM

Oct 21, 2013 ... Their goal may be to run a faster mile or reach a specific distance. ... Runners should shoot for a time of approximately 8:18 if they want to be in ...

Average Time to Run a Mile - Buzzle

Jul 12, 2013 ... But the difference is apparent when you compare the average time to run a mile for different people. So, is there an average time that you ...

The Average 1-Mile Run Times |

No conclusive evidence exists on “average” 1-mile run times, because there is ... How to Lower a Time for Running a Mile for a 10k · What Is the Average Time ...

What is a "good" time in running a mile? (weightlifting, leg press ...

An 8 min mile is a decent time for anyone new to running and if you ... The average adult male, in my opinion, can't run a mile without walking.

average time for running a mile? - Calorie Count

Mar 13, 2010 ... i don't know about average, but the range is vast. elite 1-mile specialists will do it in less than 4 minutes. your regular casual runner will do it in ...

How long should it take to run a mile?? - Calorie Count

Sep 21, 2006 ... There is NO set time to run a mile....every person is different. I generally run 8:45 per mile in training....7:30 in racing short races. For longer runs ...

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Jul 6, 2014 ... Test yourself with a 1.5-mile run on a flat road or track. “It's a good ... Compare your time to the average guy in your age group. If you fall short or ...

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Distance, Prediction, Average. Age Grade, Vdot, Riegel(6), Cameron, Purdy, Time, /mi, /km. 200 metres, 0: ... 1 mile, 8:17, 8:36, 8:39, 8:21, 8:08, 8:24, 8:24, 5: 13.

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Q: Average time to run a mile?
A: Depends on how old you are. If you're in high school than 6 minutes. If you're in middle school than 6 and half maybe even seven. Read More »
Q: What is average time to run a mile?
A: The previous answer of 7 minutes I thought was insufficient as well as inaccurate because my PE teacher claims even a female in her prime condition runs a 6-7 m... Read More »
Q: Average time to run a mile?
A: I ran about a 5 minute mile and my 3 miles was under 17 minutes. That was among the top partly because your points on the 3 mile run maxes out at 18 minutes and... Read More »
Q: What is the average time to run a mile?
A: There isn't information on the average time, because it depends on gender, Read More »
Q: What is the average time for running a mile?
A: 4 minutes and 58 seconds is the average running time for a mile. ChaCha on! Read More »