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These are the awkward questions that guys are too scared, embarrassed or confused to ask about. Some of these questions can be asked without any qualms if ...

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Asking your guy a list of questions can be fun, but not if you leave him feeling uncomfortable! Here are 14 awkward questions that are best left unasked!

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From (full disclosure: I am an employee): ...

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Oh the Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls! This is the question we received from one of our readers: I'm going on my friends formspring putting anonymous and ...
One minute, your child is stacking wooden blocks on the living room floor, the next she's flipping through magazines, cutting out pictures of Justin Bieber to tack to her wall. Girls, in particular, have a lot to ask, from wearing a bra , to getting her period , to fig... More »
By Jennifer O'Donnell, Guide

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21 hours ago ... After breaking up with someone, the last thing you want to do is sit down with them and ask them a bunch of random questions about why they ...

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Here are 50 questions that are designed to be awkward and embarrassing. All though not everyone will be embarrassed by every questions it is guaranteed that  ...

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Search for: BarkPost. Share dis! r u serious? 10 Ridiculous Questions You Won't Believe Vets Hear All The Time. SHARES. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Jul 29, 2015 ... Hard-to-watch Cara Delevingne interview combines missed sarcasm with awkward questions. 3.7k. Shares. Share. Tweet. Share. What's This?

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Q: How to Respond to Awkward Questions.
A: 1. Let your emotions pass before you respond. Awkward questions are likely to make you feel like you are put on the spot. If they bring up any feelings, such as... Read More »
Q: What is an awkward question?
A: Something embarassing. Read More »
Q: What are some awkward questions?
A: Asking someone who their crush is, or who they're first kiss was with can be very awk... Read More »
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A: The strangest question I have had is,"How do you hide a dead body." Thanks for doing the... Read More »
Q: How to answer this awkward question?
A: "The most important thing is how YOU feel about the dress. You don't need anybody else to tell you. Good luck. Read More »