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<cerrno> (errno.h) - C++ Reference - Cplusplus.com


C Header that defines the following macro: errno: Last error number (macro ). plus at least three additional macro constants: EDOM , ERANGE and EILSEQ ( see ...

errno - C++ Reference - Cplusplus.com


The same header that declares errno ( <cerrno> ) also declares at least the ... functions are only defined for certain real values, which is called its domain, ...

C Library <errno.h> - Tutorialspoint


The errno.h header file of the C Standard Library defines the integer variable ... The errno.h header file also defines a list of macros indicating different error ...

c++ - errno is int or macro in errno.h - Stack Overflow


In C++, errno is always declared as a macro, but in C it may also be ... Quoting a site that is well known to be riddled by mistakes is not really a ...

libstdc++: cerrno File Reference - GCC

gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.7.2/libstdc /api/a00999.html

This is a Standard C++ Library file. You should #include this file in your programs , rather than any of the *.h implementation files. This is the C++ version of the ...