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A baby Guinea Pig is called a pup.
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Nov 17, 2012 ... My 1 week old guinea pigs popcorning. Sorry I know the quality isn't great!!!!!! Checkout how high the babies can jump at 6 weeks old!

Pet Guinea Pig Breeding, Sexing, Pregnancy, Birth & Babies


Breeding & Mating Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at around 10 weeks of age. When the female is receptive she may mount others in the cage.

How to Care for Baby Guinea Pigs: 12 Steps - wikiHow


Jul 28, 2015 ... How to Care for Baby Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs are cute and wonderful animals to keep as pets. Whether you purchase a baby guinea pig ...

Guinea pig photos pictures photo gallery: guinea pig photos guinea pig care guide baby guinea pigs guinea pig care marnie More »

Guinea Lynx :: Reproduction FAQ


Pregnant guinea pigs can develop serious medical problems like pregnancy ... Because I was weighing, I figured out by the fourth day that one little baby was ...

How to Hand-Raise Baby Guinea Pigs | Animals - mom.me


Under normal circumstances, female guinea pigs make capable mothers, able to raise litters without any significant effort from you. However, you may find ...

What to Do After Guinea Pig Delivery? | Animals - mom.me


Baby guinea pigs are born with eyes open and able to eat solid food, so even if she does not begin nursing them right away, they should be able to survive until ...

How Old Does a Guinea Pig Have to Be to Leave Its Mom? | Animals ...


When guinea pig babies are born, they require feedings courtesy of Mom's milk. It's important for guinea pig mothers to nurse their youngsters until they're a ...

Sexing Guinea Pigs - Cavy Spirit


How to Sex a Guinea Pig (or Cavy) with lots of photos and different ages from ... If babies are sexed very early, it is best to confirm the sex at about two weeks.

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Q: A baby guinea pigs size?
A: They should weigh 90g grams or 85g. Read More »
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Q: Is this normal for baby Guinea Pigs?
A: Yes this is perfectly normal. i have three guinea pigs that are about 2 years old now and when they were babies they did this all the time . The only problem is... Read More »
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Q: Do baby guinea pigs?
A: yes. baby guinea pigs are born fully devoloped, eyes open, ears open, fully furred. they are born looking like replicas of their parents. Source(s): MANY books ... Read More »
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Q: How to Care for Baby Guinea Pigs.
A: Two Parts: Baby-Proofing Your Guinea Pig Cage. Caring For Your Pups. Questions and Answers. Guinea pigs are cute and wonderful animals to keep as pets. Whether ... Read More »
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Q: Baby guinea pigs.
A: what about baby guinea pigs? lol. Read More »
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