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AFRMA - Baby Rat Development from Birth to 6 weeks


Newborn. They are bright pink and only weigh 6–8 grams (not much more than a nickel). Their eyes and ear canals are sealed. The light spot on their left side is ...

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Sep 1, 2011 ... I got 2 female rats and one was apparently pregnant... She had 15 babies (10 female, 5 male), which is above average. Additional Info in ...

Baby Rat Growth: Birth to Weaning - Rat Guide - JoinRats


Baby Rat Growth: Birth to Weaning - Rat Guide - JoinRats. Rat Health · Pet Rats? Oops? Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, Oh My ... Introduce Rats to Rats.

Baby Rat Growth: Pictures of the Pinkies - Rattie World O' Comfort ...


Rattie World O' Comfort has some great photographs on the daily development and growth of baby rats days 1 - 30. Below are many of the photographs, starting  ...

Rat Reproduction: Mating, Gestation, Birthing, and Growth


Rats are very easy to breed. In fact, many people end up with unplanned baby rats! Rats can reach sexual maturity at 5 weeks of age, so the sexes should be ...

How to Care for Baby Rats | PetHelpful


Feb 8, 2016 ... If you have decided to breed your rats or have a pregnant female, you have to expect 8-15 babies, sometimes even more. However, first of all: ...

the Rat Report - Rat Fan Club


Baby rats are about 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm) long at birth (not counting the tail), and are pink and hairless. House mice are only about ½ to 1-inch (2.2-3.5 cm) long at  ...

Rat Breeding/Rat Babies - 80stoysale!


RAT BREEDING (Male & Female differance's, Pregnant rat, baby care info & more) ... Fancy -is a pet store term for rats with fancy markings. Hooded -A hood ...

Rat Growth Week 1 - Baby Rat Growth and Development


Ok.... So your pregnant rat has just given birth to some very small, faceless, webfooted, blobs of warm, pink, squirmy, play-dough textured creatures. Do not fear...

Growth Picture Journal - About Me


There are also pictures to help sex young rats, which is fairly easy once you figure ... know that mom rat is doing a good job of keeping her babies tummies full.

A baby Common Rat is called a pup, pinkie or kitten.