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Sep 1, 2011 ... I got 2 female rats and one was apparently pregnant... She had 15 babies (10 female, 5 male), which is above average. Additional Info in ...

AFRMA - Baby Rat Development from Birth to 6 weeks


Newborn. They are bright pink and only weigh 6–8 grams (not much more than a nickel). Their eyes and ear canals are sealed. The light spot on their left side is ...

Rat Reproduction: Mating, Gestation, Birthing, and Growth


Rats are very easy to breed. In fact, many people end up with unplanned baby rats! Rats can reach sexual maturity at 5 weeks of age, so the sexes should be ...

How to Care for Baby Rats | PetHelpful


Feb 8, 2016 ... If you have decided to breed your rats or have a pregnant female, you have to expect 8-15 babies, sometimes even more. However, first of all: ...

What are baby rats called? | Reference.com


A baby rat is called a pup. Sometimes they are also referred to as pinkies. The rat gestation period last 21 to 23 days, and the entire labor and birthing process ...

Growth Picture Journal - About Me


There are also pictures to help sex young rats, which is fairly easy once you figure ... know that mom rat is doing a good job of keeping her babies tummies full.

Rat Breeding/Rat Babies - 80stoysale!


Male rats can be a bit messier than girls but that is mostly due to their size being larger. Baby rats no matter what gender are very active. Female rats are often ...

Rat Growth Week 1 - Baby Rat Growth and Development


Ok.... So your pregnant rat has just given birth to some very small, faceless, webfooted, blobs of warm, pink, squirmy, play-dough textured creatures. Do not fear...

Rat & Mouse Gazette: Caring for Orphaned Baby Rats - RMCA


BEDDING - Soft material such as old T-shirts, baby receiving blankets, flannel, or any other cloth that will not allow their little toenails to get caught. For a single ...

Introductions - ShadowRat.com


Introducing baby rats to adults, or other babies, is fairly easy. Introducing two adult bucks to one another can be quite hard, and on very rare occasions it can be ...

A baby Common Rat is called a pup, pinkie or kitten.
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Baby Rat Growth: Pictures of the Pinkies - Rattie World O' Comfort ...


Rattie World O' Comfort has some great photographs on the daily development and growth of baby rats days 1 - 30. Below are many of the photographs, starting  ...

Baby Rat Growth: Birth to Weaning - Rat Guide - JoinRats


Baby Rat Growth: Birth to Weaning - Rat Guide - JoinRats. Rat Health · Pet Rats? Oops? Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, Oh My ... Introduce Rats to Rats.

the Rat Report - Rat Fan Club


Baby rats are about 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm) long at birth (not counting the tail), and are pink and hairless. House mice are only about ½ to 1-inch (2.2-3.5 cm) long at  ...