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A baby African Grass Rat is called a pup.

Raising Orphan Rats - Rat Fan Club


Baby rats are about 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm) long at birth (not counting the tail), and are pink and hairless. House mice are only about ½ to 1-inch (2.2-3.5 cm) long at  ...

AFRMA - Caring for Rat & Mouse Orphans


The baby rats considered her their sibling. ... can put orphan mice on a nursing rat mom and vice versa; rats are excellent mothers and will nurse about anything)  ...

Rat & Mouse Gazette: Caring for Orphaned Baby Rats - RMCA


SUPPLIES. REHYDRATING SOLUTION - Lactated Ringers Solution from a vet or Pedialyte, a rehydrating solution for human infants found in the infant section of ...

Rodent Rehabilitator - What to do with a baby mouse I found?


Babies! If you have just stumbled upon a nest of baby mice, generally found after the mother has been killed by a trap or pet, there are some things you can do ...

Orphaned Baby Mice - G.W. Deer Mouse Ranch


In addition to the information I've provided, at the bottom of this page there are links to some very good sites on raising orphaned baby mice. The first site listed,  ...

Rathelp.org: Fostering Young


Mother rats can't be with the babies all of the time because she has to go out in search of food and because her presence alone attracts predators. Rat moms ...

Difference between Rats and Mice - Rat Behavior and Biology


Rat is used to describe medium-sized rodents with long thin tails. ... Here's what to look for: baby rats will have more juvenile proportions than adult rodents.

How to Care for Baby Mice: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Care for Baby Mice. Whether your adult mice had babies or you stumbled across abandoned baby mice, caring for these small, fragile infants can be a ...

Caring for Orphaned mice - The Fun Mouse


If you foster a large number of babies, the mother may not have enough milk to go around right away. ... Weight loss can occur extremely rapidly in baby mice.