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A baby Walrus is called a pup. Walrus&v=az9z9rBUwig
Jul 27, 2012 ... Seward, AK (July 27, 2012) --The Alaska SeaLife Center is rehabilitating a male Pacific walrus calf that stranded near Barrow this past Saturday ... Walrus&v=wzPrw1BE4Ws
Aug 9, 2012 ... The unit's first patient is an orphaned male walrus calf from Barrow who arrived at the Center on July 22. The 275-pound calf is stable, suckling ... Walrus&v=5e_rxLgFpHU
Mar 26, 2013 ... Meet the New York Aquarium´s most enchanting newborn walrus, Tusaaq. Want to see other amazingly cuddly animals? Check out VICE's ... Walrus&v=cvvwMopeFfM
Aug 30, 2012 ... The two walrus were both found stranded near Barrow in July. They were rescued one week apart, arriving in Seward on July 22 and July 30.

Walrus Mom and Baby - National Geographic

How's this for a birth announcement? Weight: 100 pounds (45.4 kilograms). And a face only a mother could love. On second thought, walrus pups are kind of ...

Animal Mothers: Walrus Cuddle - National Geographic

A walrus mother holds her baby like a human would! Separated from their herd, a walrus mother bonds with her newborn in the first few uncertain days of its life.

What It's Like To Snuggle With A Baby Walrus - BuzzFeed

Oct 31, 2012 ... Spoiler alert: It's AMAZING. One reporter shares her cuddle session with two 4- month-old walruses at the Alaska SeaLife Center before...

Cuddle time! What it's like to snuggle with a baby walrus -

Oct 10, 2012 ... Want a job that comes with snuggling privileges? If you're looking after baby walruses, cuddling is all in a day's work. Anchorage Daily News ...

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Q: What is a baby walrus called.
A: Baby walrus are called calves. This is the best question I have received tonight! Read More »
Q: How big is a baby walrus?
A: Baby walrus's are on average 114 pounds and about 45 inches in Length! Give the Mom som... Read More »
Q: What is a baby walrus?
A: Baby walrus are called calves. Baby walrus are four feet long when they are born and weigh 130 pounds! Read More »
Q: What is the name given to a baby walrus?
A: Calf Read More »
Q: What do you call baby walrus?
A: A baby walrus is known as a calf. ----- Read More »