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Vertical integration


In microeconomics and management, vertical integration is an arrangement in which the supply ... There are three varieties: backward (upstream) vertical integration, forward (downstream) vertical in...

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A form of vertical integration that involves the purchase of suppliers. Companies will pursue backward integration when it will result in improved efficiency and ...

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Definition of backward integration: Type of vertical integration in which a consumer of raw materials acquires its suppliers, or sets up its own facilities to ensure a ...

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A simple example of backward vertical integration strategy is an ice cream company that buys a dairy farm. The company requires milk to make ice cream and ...

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A business model whereby a company takes direct control of how its products are supplied. For example, a company may buy another company that previously ...

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Background integration is a type of vertical integration in which a business falling later in a supply chain integrates with a business falling earlier in a supply ...

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Mar 13, 2015 ... In this article, we start with the definition of the term Backward Integration, continue then with its advantages and drawbacks.

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Nov 28, 2012 ... Definition of Backward integration: Backward integration is when a firm buys a company who previously supplied raw materials to the firm.

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Definition of backward integration: Acquiring ownership of one's supply chain, usually in the hope of reducing supplier power and thus reducing input...

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Barrons Dictionary | Definition for: backward integration.

Backward Integration
A form of vertical integration that involves the purchase of suppliers. Companies will pursue backward integration when it will result in improved efficiency and cost savings. For example, backward integration might cut transportation costs, improve... More »
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Integration happens when one company owns another business in the chain. If a company owns a supplier, this is backward integration. If it owns a company ...

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This backward integration allows Company XYZ to acquire punched plastic much more cheaply, and it also prevents other companies from buying punched ...

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The most common form of backward integration is when a resale business acquires a supplier that it once bought from. A supermarket might acquire a ...