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Bacterial wilt


Bacterial wilt is a cucurbit disease caused by the pathogen Erwinia tracheiphila, a Gram-negative bacterium in the family Enterobacteriaceae. Cucumber and ...

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Cucumber bacterial wilt is caused by the bacterium, Erwinia tracheiphila, and is characterized initially by wilting and drying of individual leaves, especially those  ...

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Contributed by R. X. Latin Purdue University Botany & Plant Path. Dept. West Lafayette, IN 47907-1155. Bacterial wilt is a serious threat to commercial melon ...

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After vine crops begin to run, gardeners and farmers often notice individual leaves with severe wilt symptoms on sunny days. This disease, called.

They begin turning into adults in early Summer and start feeding on the flowers and leaves. Worse than the feeding damage is the spread of bacterial wilt, which can be deadly and quick. Cultural: You could also try some cultural practices like planting a trap crop... More »
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Recently there has been a dramatic increase in the occurrence of bacterial wilt, especially in pumpkin and squash. Initial symptoms of wilt are pale, wilted ...

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Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits "Signature Symptoms" Originally produced as a poster by T.A.Zitter and M.M. Kennelly Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell ...

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In tobacco, it is called bacterial wilt or Granville wilt (for Granville County, North Carolina where it was observed as early as 1880) and Moko disease in banana.

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IMPORTANCE. Bacterial wilt is a common, often destructive, disease of cucurbits. This disease can cause nearly complete losses of a planting before the first ...

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Bacterial wilt is a devastating garden disease. Common in hot, humid areas, this soil-borne disease can cause tomatoes and other nightshade vegetable plants ...

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Q: What Is Bacterial Wilt?
A: Bacterial wilt, or the bacterium erwinia trachephila primarily infects cucumbers and muskmelons but is can also attack pumpkins and squash in the curcurbit fami... Read More »
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Q: Bacterial Wilt in Pumpkins.
A: The primary symptom of bacterial wilt in pumpkins is wilting of the leaves. This is sometimes preceded by discoloration of the leaves, and is usually followed b... Read More »
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Q: Is this bacterial wilt or something?
A: Kim, Wilting from newly planted annuals can come from several causes - I'll list them and you can decide which might apply. Be aware that it might be a differe... Read More »
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Q: Cucumber Problems - Bacterial Wilt?
A: Cucumber vines that mysteriously wilt and die off are probably infected with bacterial wilt. Cucumber bacterial wilt is transmitted by the cucumber beetle. Ther... Read More »
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Q: Control measures of banana bacterial wilt?
A: Provide good aeration and a warm climate for banana plant, you can use an anti fungal powder or spray and dilute it in the water, make sure they don't get too m... Read More »
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