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10 People Who Give America a Bad Reputation - Listverse


Jan 15, 2012 ... It is true that blacks did not have equal rights under the law for a very long duration of the USA's history, but with the outstanding work of people ...

The 20 Worst Figures In American History | John Hawkins' Right ...


Aug 16, 2010 ... Had this been a list of the worst figures in the last 40 years of American history, then people like Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, and Harry Reid, ...

Ten of America's worst villains, scoundrels and rogues | Fox News


Apr 5, 2014 ... America has produced an amazing list of illustrious figures over the past three ... rank as some of the nastiest people in American history, I don't know who would. .... The good, the bad and the future for Trump's HHS nominee.

The 25 Most Evil People in History - WordPress.com


Dec 27, 2010 ... He sent over 400,000 people to their deaths in the gas chambers. Mengele escaped with his family to South America and lived there the rest of ...

Worst Figures In American History - Outside The Beltway


Aug 14, 2010 ... If you think Jimmy Carter is the Worst Figure in American History, you ... of current not really worst but people I think might be bad for America.

The Most Evil People in History! - History and Headlines


Mar 7, 2014 ... How much of a bad guy do you have to be when your killers bash your child's ..... His people, with American and French assistance, ultimately ...

The Six Most Evil Presidents in U.S. History | Alternet


Mar 22, 2015 ... Ronald Reagan stoked that mood with his “Morning in America” administration. Meanwhile, those bad guys over there in the Soviet "Evil Empire" were ... Adolf Hitler was evil because he killed people out of spite and a ...

10 Most Notorious Criminals In American History | The Huffington Post


Sep 12, 2013 ... Violence and crime stain the pages of U.S. history, and sadly, they're ... in multiple states between 1978 and 1995 that killed three people and ...

The 25 Worst People Ever - List25


Dec 30, 2011 ... Allow us to introduce 25 of the worst people ever. ... infamy has become immortalized in legend, even to the point of rewriting history. ... who starts something called a Reign of Terror belongs on a list of bad people…period.

Worst People in History | List of Evil Historical Villains - Ranker


The absolute worst people in history, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. ... Jersey history and is suspected to be the most prolific serial killer in American history.