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Dec 27, 2010 ... 25 Most Evil People In History. ... He was so bad that many of the Christians thought he was the Antichrist. He even tortured and killed the ...

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History, People & Lifestyle ... The good people don't intend on doing anything evil for the society, but the bad people sure do try to disrupt the normal working ...

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His attack on the world trade center left 3,000 people dead with a further 6,000 .... Vlad Dracula has been named as the most evil person history has ever seen. 1.

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Dec 31, 2010 ... You could write countless lists about evil people throughout history. It is sad .... Everyone says that Hitler and Nazis were bad, but Stalin was ...

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Sep 5, 2007 ... From bad to worst, here are the top 10 evil men in history. 10. ... The Terror took the lives of between 18,500 to 40,000 people, with 1,900 being ...

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Here are the ten most evil women in the world's history. ... Elizabeth I of England had far more people punished or put to death than Bloody Mary. .... If to be wise and powerful mean to be a evil woman, in Spain we are proud of our bad girls.

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Dec 30, 2011 ... Allow us to introduce 25 of the worst people ever. ... infamy has become immortalized in legend, even to the point of rewriting history. ... who starts something called a Reign of Terror belongs on a list of bad people…period.

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Sep 20, 2014 ... History is full with tales of wicked people who've committed unspeakable crimes, even children. They've lived among us, and some still do ...

35 Haunting Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil People In History ...


Who knew that when these people were children, that they'd grow up to be monsters? It's horrifying to think that each and every evil person was once an ...

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Place your vote on the list of Top Ten Most Evil People in History. ... Sure, he makes bad songs, but other people on this list killed millions of millions of people.

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The absolute worst people in history, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. ... Companies with Bad Customer Service Companies with the Worst Customer Service ...

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Mar 7, 2014 ... The Most Evil People in History! ... How much of a bad guy do you have to be when your killers bash ... to the claim of history's most evil man.