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25 Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Pick-Up Lines To Avoid Using On ...


25 Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Pick-Up Lines To Avoid Using On Valentines Day . Don't be that guy. posted on Feb. 13, 2014, at 10:47 a.m.. Michael Blackmon.

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Oscar Wilde on Different chat up lines from different subjects. “Say as many as ... for any reason.” ~ Commander Zap Brannigan on the utilization of pick-up lines ...

267 [really bad] pickup lines. - Hi


You look like the type of girl who has heard every line in the book. ... At the dinner table, if you eat together, pick up the bread and ask, "Wanna roll?" 64.

Top 10: Bad Pickup Lines - AskMen


These are the top 10 bad pickup lines you should avoid at all times when trying to hook up.

Worst Possible Pick-Up Lines? : AskReddit


Aug 30, 2014 ... Can be real or just a joke but what are your best, worst pick-up line ideas? ... didn 't like that line, you know that you've weeded out a bad one.

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Try one of these funny, cheesy pick up lines as an icebreaker. At least you'll get laughs, if not love.

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The ultimate pickup line resource. Pick Up Lines that make people laugh, some sparing no expense. Some lines will make them walk away; some may stick ...

Pick-up Lines: dumb, funny, cheesy, bad and tasteless


Jun 1, 2011 ... Here is a collection of dumb and funny and cheesy and bad pickup lines and chat up lines. Remember, we can't be held responsible for any ...

These Terrible Pickup Lines Are So Bad, They Just Might Work ...


Jun 15, 2016 ... Generally speaking, women tend not to be fans of pick-up lines. Especially lame ones. If you think “Hey, baby, I'm not staring at your boobs.

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Did you ever realize screw rhymes with me and you? Hey I'm looking for treasure, Can I look around your chest? My two favorite letters of the alpabet E Z.

12 So-Bad-They're-Almost-Good Pickup Lines - Women's Health


Oct 21, 2014 ... First impressions are everything. So when you're trying to spark a conversation with that smokeshow across the bar, you want to choose your ...

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Here where you can find the biggest collection of dumb pick up lines on the Internet, they are somehow funny ... Girl: I could sure stand to do something stupid.