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Seriously, 20 years of looking at badly designed websites takes its toll, but like John Wick, I'm back. Bad websites: Prepare to get shot in the face a la John Wick.


6. Sunday Morning. Sunday Morning is a very bad website. Submitter's comments: This is the website of a Ceramics Workshop in Holland. It is JavaScript, with ...


May 6, 2014 ... 11. The official website for Space Jam, in all its 1996 glory. ... Chillingly, this is what the Yale School of Art website used to look like, pre-2010.


Apr 25, 2015 ... Have you ever come across a website design that made you laugh out loud? I don't mean just something on the website is funny, but the ...


Jul 30, 2014 ... Remember back in the mid-nineties when websites were a bit of a novelty ... can forget to put Yvette's Bridal Formal on their list of bad websites.


Below you can see 20 examples of very bad web design. PS: I`m really sorry if you are a owner of some of these websites, but hey: consider this free advertising .


Sep 29, 2016 ... Honestly, we were a bit frustrating to see examples of bad design websites of such powerful companies. So here are the issues that we found ...


Post links to examples of bad web design and hope nothing you've done ends up .... The shop on the Supreme website is the worst at showing you what you're ...


Natural Foot Health. Example of a bad website: Natural Foot Health. A lot of people are turned off by feet. Even pretty, manicured feet. This foot-centric website ...