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A Restoration Framework for Federal Forests in the Pacific Northwest


al. 2007, Toman et al. 2011) and we seek to build on those successes. Ecological restoration ..... approaches (Bailey and Tappeiner 1998, Garman et al. 2003 ...

Right ventricular systolic echocardiographic parameters in chronic ...


Meluzin et al. found that a Satdi at a threshold of 10.8 cm/s represented a ... 2; M.R. Shah, V. Hasselblad, M. Gheorghiade, K.F. Adams Jr, K. Swedberg, R.M. Califf, et ... 9; J. Meluzin, L. Spinarova, J. Bakala, J. Toman, J. Krejci, P. Hude, et al. .... 24; C. Tei, K.S. Dujardin, D.O. Hodge, K.R. Bailey, M.D. McGoon, A.J. Tajik, et al...

Interlaboratory testing of methods for assay of ... - ResearchGate


Michael J. Bailey 1, Peter Biely 2 and Kaisa Poutanen 3 ... Tan et al., 1985), although other methods have also been published based on .... requested to assay the xylanase activity in a 1.0% (w/v) solution of the distributed ..... Biely, P., Mislovicov~i, D. and Toman, R. (1985) Soluble chromatogenic substrates for the assay of.

Right Ventricular Function in Cardiovascular Disease, Part I


For the LV, Suga et al showed that the end-systolic pressure-volume relationship can be approximated by a linear relationship. The slope of this relationship is ...

2015 Annotated Rules Update Rule sub Citation 1. (6) C.B. v. S.B. ...


Toman v. Fulmer et al., 2010 YKSC 35. 28. (1). Harvey v. 5505 Yukon .... project, including Andrea Bailey and Marlaine Anderson-Lindsay who compiled the.

Right ventricular systolic function assessment: rank of ...


Sep 6, 2011 ... Wang et al. found in 43 normal individuals and in 10 patients with arrhythmogenic RV ... explained by a variable cut-off for the definition of normal vs. abnormal RVEF. .... Tei C,; Dujardin K,; Hodge D,; Bailey K,; McGoon M,; Tajik A,; et al ... Meluzín J,; Spinarová L,; Bakala J,; Toman J,; Krejcí J,; Hude P,; et al.

Right ventricular function in patients with preserved and reduced ...


May 13, 2009 ... Patients with preserved EF HF had higher RV FAC (54 ± 18 vs. ..... compared with a study by de Groote et al. who found that RV systolic dysfunction was ... Redfield MM,; Jacobsen SJ,; Burnett JC Jr,; Mahoney DW,; Bailey KR,; Rodeheffer RJ ... Spinarova L,; Meluzin J,; Toman J,; Hude P,; Krejci J,; Vitovec J.

Download Original File - Rhode Island Office of the Secretary of State


Aug 29, 2013 ... Chadwick, Mercy, administrator estate of John Chadwick vs. Benjamin Smith of ... John of Newport vs. Jahleel Brenton et al of Newport – action of account denied pp. 49 – ..... Thomas Toman of Newport, - action granted, Feb. Session, 1739/40 ... of Newport vs. Jonah Bailey of Newport, - action denied, Sept.

The effect of priming exercise on O2 uptake kinetics, muscle O2 ...


Sep 24, 2013 ... Bailey SJ, Vanhatalo A, Wilkerson DP, Dimenna FJ, Jones AM. ... Barker AR, Bond B, Toman C, Williams CA, Armstrong N. 2011a. .... Koga S, Poole DC, Ferreira LF, Whipp BJ, Kondo N, Saitoh T, et al. ... Faster pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics in children vs adults due to enhancements in oxygen delivery ...

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J. Hunsley and J. M. Bailey (1999) made a strong case for concluding that .... depression in a sample of 152 adolescents; and (c) Carlson et al. (1997) found that ...

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