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Japanese Fishermen hose down a 9.95m Baird's Beaked whale at Wada Port on June 21, 2007 in Chiba, Japan. Under the coastal whaling program, Japan is ...

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Jul 8, 2008 ... These photos show, without any doubt, that the carcass is of a decomposed Baird's beaked whale, or Baird's fourtooth whale, Berardius bairdii.

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May 3, 2015 ... with Baird's beaked whale by Dark-Little-Darkling 3. OPEN 4. Reserved for : iconwaveoffire: 5. Reserved for :iconfennlan: x. Add a Comment:.

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Abstract: Echolocation signals from Baird's beaked whales were recorded during visual and acoustic shipboard surveys of cetaceans in the California Current...

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Species within this Family. Ziphius cavirostris - Cuvier's Beaked Whale. Berardius arnuxii - Arnoux's Beaked Whale. Berardius bairdii - Baird's Beaked Whale.

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"Baird's beaked whales form complex relationships, study finds" By Tom Dunne http://www.americanscientist.org/blog/pub/doodling-the-science-news-headlines  ...

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Fishermen slaughter a 9.61m Baird's Beaked whale at Wada Port on June 28, 2008 in Minami Boso, Chiba, Japan. Only five ports are allowed whaling under the ...

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Nov 25, 2014 ... Baird's Beaked Whale Size coloring page from Giant Beaked Whale category. Select from 20946 printable crafts of cartoons, nature, animals, ...

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whales Cuvier's, Baird's, and Stejneger's beaked whales. Figure 2. Beaked whale acoustic encounters along the. GOALSII survey tracklines. Acoustic ID.

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The size of a Cuvier's Beaked Whale compared to an average human. The size of a Cuvier's ... Cuvier's Beaked Whale Range Map ... Baird's Beaked Whale

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It's true; they are toothed whales just like the great sperm whale made famous by Moby Dick. As a matter of fact, the .... Baird's Beaked Whale (Beradius bairdii).

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Pamela M. Willis and Robin W. Baird. Aquatic Mammals 24:21-25. 1998. Summary: Sightings and strandings of beaked whales from British Columbia were ...

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species of beaked whales share what appear to ... (B) Male Blainville's beaked whale with barnacles on its large tusks. ... bottlenose and Baird's beaked whales  ...