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Family Zipihiidae - Beaked Whales x Andrew's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon bowdoini) x Arnoux's Beaked Whale (Berardius arnuxii) x Baird's Beaked Whale  ...

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strandings of Sowerby's beaked whales (Mesoplodon bidens) also occurred in late summer and .... Pacific coast of Japan, Baird's beaked whales (Berardius.

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Fin whale; Sei whale; Humpback whale; Antarctic minke whale; Dwarf minke whale; Minke whale; Grey whale ... Baird's beaked whale; Southern bottlenose ...

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strandings of Sowerby's beaked whales (Mesoplodon bidens) also occurred in late summer and .... Pacific coast of Japan, Baird's beaked whales (Berardius.

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Aug 11, 2003 ... Laboratory tests will be conducted Monday on the Baird's beaked whale, which died Sunday evening. Up to 60 people, most of whom were ...

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strandings of Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Ziphius cavirostris ... the beaked whales, occurring in all oceans except ..... Baird's Beaked Whale (Berardius bairdii) at.

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Berardius bairdii Baird's Beaked Whale Also known as North Pacific Four-toothed Whale or Northern Four-toothed Whale or North Pacific Bottlenose Whale or ...

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Apr 8, 2015 ... A sample of dried pilot whale meat purchased from Yahoo Japan ... Baird's beaked whale jerky and stew tested at 3.7 ppm and 7.2 ppm, ...

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In March 2000, 16 beaked whales stranded themselves on beaches in the Bahamas ... analyzed Cuviers's and Baird's beaked whale mass strandings in Japan ...

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beaked whale mass stranding events reported from ... (MFAS) cause mass strandings of beaked whales ..... (Willis & Baird, 1998); and Sable Island, Nova.

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The preferred species were gray and right whales, but in Katsuyama, Chiba Prefecture, a tradition began in the 17th century of catching Baird's beaked whales.

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Jun 26, 2015 ... BAIRD'S BEAKED WHALES, Berardius bairdii, travel in tight groups, blowing and diving synchronously, and often touching each other with ...

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They occur seasonally different; Orcas, Dall's porpoises, and Minke whales around April through June; Baird's beaked whales, Dall's porpoises,Minke whales in ...