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teristic of beaked whales. Though some animals have a median notch on the flukes, most have no notch (and some even have a bulge). Baird's beaked whales ...

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Family Zipihiidae - Beaked Whales x Andrew's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon bowdoini) x Arnoux's Beaked Whale (Berardius arnuxii) x Baird's Beaked Whale  ...

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Dec 12, 1996 ... or two pairs of mandibular teeth erupt at sexual maturity. In both Arnoux's and Baird's beaked whales (genus Berardius Duvernoy, 1851), two.

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The most prevalent species off the California coast is short-beaked common ... A bleaker revelation is that Baird's beaked whale and small beaked whales of the ...

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"Cetology, the scientific study of whales, began in the fourth century BC, but in .... Berardius bairdii, Baird's Beaked Whale *; Hyperoodon ampullatus, Northern ...

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May 3, 2015 ... with Baird's beaked whale by Dark-Little-Darkling 3. OPEN 4. Reserved for : iconwaveoffire: 5. Reserved for :iconfennlan: x. Add a Comment:.

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living groups—Mysticeti (baleen whales with paired blowholes) and Odontoceti ( toothed whales with one blowhole). MYSTICETES. Baird's Beaked Whale.

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1 866 I SAW ONE – www.wildwhales.org – sightings@vanaqua.org .... bairD's beaKeD WHaLe. Berardius ... BEAKED WhALE IDENtIFICAtION: Single blowhole .

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Jul 22, 2003 ... Baird's beaked whales, named for Spencer F. Baird, an American naturalist and onetime Smithsonian secretary, typically spend most of their ...

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Fin Whale -summer- (California) More pics of Fin Whales: http://www.tsuru-bird. net/a_species/whale_fin ... Baird's Beaked Whale -summer- (California) Dolphins

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Jun 21, 2013 ... Family Ziphidae: Beaked whales. Genus Berardius. Arnoux's beaked whale, Berardius arnuxii: Baird's beaked whale, Berardius bairdii.



Oct 6, 2002 ... Two BAIRD'S BEAKED WHALES surfaced, although we were unsure of their exact identity at the time because of the strange angle that they ...

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(wān fan khīo) EN: Ginkgo-toothed Beaked Whale ... 槌鯨, [つちくじら;ツチクジラ, tsuchikujira ; tsuchikujira] (n) (uk) Baird's beaked whale (Berardius bairdii) [Add to  ...

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Jun 30, 2015 ... Baird's beaked whale appears to be the most likely match. Illustration: Via ... In other words, a whale of a mystery appears to have been solved.

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Baird's Beaked Whale (Berardius Bairdii) tail slap or fluke slap. National marine sanctuary, Monterey bay, California Pacific ocean, USA. Stock Photograph - Red  ...