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Jan 24, 2011 ... My female spinner ball python decided it was hungry and rather then waiting for feeding day tomorrow it just decided it would eat my finger ...
Mar 23, 2017 ... TNT BALLS hope this helps guys .... #snakebite #snakebites #ballpython #bp # morphs #constrictors #alwaysevolvingpythons #pythons #scales ...


Apr 2, 2014 ... Anything with teeth can bite. However, the chance of a ball python biting you is very uncommon. Most captive bred animals (like ball pythons) ...


Not much. It may hurt a bit, but if you wash it off you'll be fine. To be more specific, it kind of depends on how you react. If she bites you before you ...


Apr 8, 2013 ... There are three overarching reasons for a ball python biting or attempting to bite a human: temperament, stress, and mistaking a hand for food.


This is a somewhat deceptive question, because every individual ball python also has an individual personality. While the norm for the species is for ...


May 27, 2016 ... A man in Thailand was rushed to hospital after a python bit his penis in a terrifying ... Python bites Thai man's penis in terrifying toilet encounter.


My roommate and I just got a baby ball python and she likes to bite and lunge, a lot. We've been thinking that it's just her getting used to the new surroundings or ...


All 3 were ball pythons, considered by many people to be the most docile snake there is. Which just goes to show that no species of snake is immune.


If you're asking if a ball python can kill a human by constricting, then the ... a pet ball python might not be able to kill you, it can certainly cause injury with a bite.