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Ball pythons are generally a bit shy, but they make for ideal captives, because they are of a small size, are generally friendly, are easy to care for, and come in a  ... - Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Pythons: Selection, Care, and Breeding. Ball Pythons are one of the most popular snakes being kept and bred in captivity. There are many reasons for their  ...

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Care Sheet for Ball Python - Python Regius. Care Sheet written by: Joel Bortz. Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes kept in captivity worldwide.

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Note: The information on this Care Sheet is not a substitute for veterinary care. If you need additional information, please refer to the sources on the following.
Temperature: 80 - 85 F (27 - 29 C) during the day, with a basking spot of around 90 F (32 C). Night time temperatures can fall to around 75 F (23 -24 C) as long as an area of 80 F is maintained. However, they are nocturnal, so incandescent bulbs should not be used at n... More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

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Also known as Royal or Regal Python, the Ball Python is a well-tempered ... Allen S. Royal Python (Ball Python): A Colorado Herpetological Society Care Sheet.

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Ball pythons (Python regius) are found at the edges of the forest lands of .... ball pythons to feed is The Care and Maintenance of Ball Pythons by Philippe de ...

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They are also known as Royal Pythons or the more popular Ball Pythons. ... Ball pythons can live for a long time with proper care, up to 50 years, ..... healthy, captive-bred, captive bred, CB, OK, Oklahoma, OKC, care sheet, morph, morphs.

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Caring for the Ball Python. ... Husbandry articles · Care sheets · Book reviews ... Ball pythons, or royal pythons as they are sometimes referred, are endemic to ...

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Q: Ball python care sheet?
A: Here you go.…. The best place for ball python care. Source(s) Over 20 years keeping reptil... Read More »
Q: Ball Python Care Sheet.
A: Ball pythons are one of the easiest snakes when it comes to providing a proper enclosure. They don't climb, they don't move much and they don't need special lig... Read More »
Q: How to Care for Ball Pythons.
A: 1. Provide ball pythons with an escape-proof enclosure. Ball pythons are small but strong. They require a cage with a latch designed for snakes. 2. Furnish the ... Read More »
Q: How to Care for a Ball Python
A: House your ball python in a 20-gallon tank or larger. Line the aquarium with aspen shavings, mulch or soil. Provide your pet with a place to hide so that he is ... Read More »
Q: How to Care for Ball Pythons
A: 1 Set up your Ball Python's new home. Adults will need a 30 gallon (113.6 L) tank. Younger snakes can be kept in 10–20 gallons (37.9–75.7 L). Make sure you have... Read More »