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Tetraodontidae is a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish of the order Tetraodontiformes. The family includes many familiar species, which are variously called pufferfish, puffers, balloonfi...

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The balloonfish, also known as the spiny porcupinefish and spiny puffer, ranges worldwide in tropical waters and some subtropical and temperate areas.

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The balloonfish looks like similar species and can be identified by the dark blotches on its body, and the dark bars that run vertically across each eye.

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Balloonfish definition, a porcupinefish, Diodon holacanthus, inhabiting tropical and subtropical waters. See more.

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COMMON NAME: balloonfish. KINGDOM: Animalia. PHYLUM: Chordata. CLASS: Osteichthyes. ORDER: Tetraodontiformes. FAMILY: Diodontidae. GENUS ...

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Florent's Guide To The Caribbean Reefs - Balloonfish - Diodon holocanthus - Porcupinefishes - Long-Spine Porcupinefish, Spiny Balloonfish, Freckled ...

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May 24, 2015 ... Rest in peace, Pablow the Blowfish. Unbeknownst to me and probably also to you, Miley Cyrus is an aquarist. Followers of the American ...

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“ET phone home.” That famous movie phrase comes to mind every time I come to face-to-face with a balloonfish, also known as the longspine porcupinefish.

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A saltwater fish covered in scores of sharp spines, discouraging would-be predators from dining on this otherwise defenseless fry. Some fishers will also call ...

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Mexico fishing: Balloonfish photos and information.

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Tetraodontiformes Family: Diodontidae Genus: Diodon
Species: Diodon holocanthus
Diodon holocanthus, also known as the balloonfish or spiny puffer, can reach lengths from about 30.5 to 61 cm. It has dark patches along its sides and back, but perhaps its most telling feature is the long spines that... More »
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Find out what's known about Balloonfishes, Diodon holocanthus, Actinopterygii, Tetraodontiformes, Diodontidae, including their world range and habitats, ...

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Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Diodon holocanthus - Balloonfish.

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Balloonfish Diodon holocanthus. These relatively poor swimmers find protection in their ability to puff up and raise spines along their body when attacked.