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The handkerchief code is a color-coded system, employed usually among the gay male ... Today, wearing color-coded handkerchiefs (bandanas) is the manner in ... LGBT leather stores along with free co...

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Aug 11, 2015 ... As a matter of fact, the colors of bandana have something to say with the one wearing it. Do you want to know the exact meaning of bandana to ...

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In popular culture, a white bandana may symbolize gang affiliation, or it may signal the preference of a particular sexual fetish. Bandana colors have long been ...

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Historically, a bandana placed in a back pocket indicated that the wearer was gay, or what is now called a member of the GLBTQ community. The bandana code ...

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A green bandana / flag is worn by the Bay Area Crips (BAC) on the left pocket. ... Top Definition ... Thomas: Aye wuts that foo doin wit a green bandana at texas?

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Is it the traditional bandana that's a gang symbol (i.e. that classic .... color of your bandana means whatever you want it to mean or not mean.

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For example, a person flagging a red bandana in the left back pocket indicates that they are a fisting top – red signifies fisting – meaning that they will perform ...

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Hat (Color, Logo, Symbol, Tilted to side) ... Bandana (Color, hanging out of pocket) ... Meaning. Gang. •Gangs will show their affiliation through the wearing of ...



An owner may choose to possess all three colors of the bandanas to use at various times ... Notice that red does not mean that the dog is necessarily aggressive.

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In Baltimore, GBA MOBB wears grey. I've known some Latin Kings out of Chicago to wear ... What does it mean to wear a bandana? What gangs ... Written Nov 17. The G.B.A MOBB in Maryland wears grey bandanas as their signature color.

What Is the Meaning of Colored Bandanas?
Named from a Hindi term that means "to tie," bandanas arose in popularity in the Old West as a method of keeping sweat and dust from the face, but they now have socially associations with many different types of crowds, including gang members, criminals... More »
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I want to know what bandana color means what cause I like to wear bandanas to hold my hair back when me and my friend chill out. I really dont want to start ...

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Wearing a black bandana is usually associated with gang affiliation. Law enforcement groups identify a variety of bandana colors and color combinations linked ...

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Named from a Hindi term that means "to tie," bandanas arose in popularity in the Old West as a method of keeping sweat and dust from the face, but they now ...