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Bar and Bat Mitzvah


Bar Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּר מִצְוָה) and Bat Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּת מִצְוָה...

Judaism 101: Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation


A discussion of the Jewish coming-of-age ceremonies: Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation.

Bar Mitzvah 101 - An overview: Everything you need to know about ...


Mazal Tov! Welcome, and mazal tov on your upcoming celebration! Whether you are preparing for your own bar mitzvah or arranging a bar mitzvah for your son ...

Bar and Bat Mitzvah 101 - My Jewish Learning


Coming of age for a Jew, which happens automatically at age 13 for a boy and 12 for a girl, is termed bar and bat mitzvah, that is, obligated to perform the Jewish ...

Bar Mitzvah - Entering Adulthood - Chabad.org


hether you're preparing for your own bar mitzvah or planning one for your son, you've come to ... Everything you need to prepare the perfect Bat Mitzvah speech  ...

Bar & Bat Mitzvah - My Jewish Learning


In-depth background on the history and practice of the rite of passage of Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah | ReformJudaism.org


Bar and bat mitzvah mean, literally, "son and daughter of the commandment."

What Is a Bar Mitzvah? A Definition - Judaism - About.com


This article is about the religious ceremony and party referred to as a bar mitzvah. When a boy comes of age at 13, he has become a "bar mitzvah."

Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Confirmation | Jewish Virtual Library


Bar Mitzvah” literally means “son of the commandment.” “Bar” is “son” in Aramaic , which used to be the vernacular of the Jewish people. “Mitzvah” is ...

ABC's of Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Aish.com


Jan 17, 2000 ... A 7-point guide to the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony and bar / bat mitzvah planning.

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