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Jul 24, 2013 ... This video will briefly explain how to tell if you have a bad auto battery or bad alternator. Detailed info about bad batteries: ...

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Other causes for a car failing to start are a bad starter or relay. If the starter is good, the last likely culprit is a bad alternator. If the alternator is bad, the battery will ...

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Almost all of us have experienced the problem where either your car battery or ... it may burnout the car computer and/or damaging the alternator if it wasn't bad, ...

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The alternator re-cycles the power your car battery uses while driving, restoring the ... a list of warning signs to look for in order to help avoid alternator failure.

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There are several ways: 1. Most cars have a warning light (sometimes called an " idiot light") which will indicate that there is a problem with your vehicle's...

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How do you know when your alternator is failing? See more ... The alternator also keeps the battery fully charged, providing the power it needs to start the car.

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When an alternator begins to fail, or fails outright, the car's battery begins to take up the slack rather than acting as a capacitor for the system by receiving a ...

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The average service life of a car battery is only about four to five years, and can be ... The first sign of trouble when an alternator is failing is a low or dead battery.

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... the battery. If the headlights dim, possible the alternator is bad. ... Once the alternator goes bad, the car runs off the battery until it goes dead.

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Nov 1, 2009 ... My car will not crank, but has some power (the dome lights, panel lights ... How to tell the difference between a bad battery and a bad alternator.

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Q: How to Recharge a Dead Car Battery With a Bad Alternator.
A: In a correctly functioning vehicle, the battery provides temporary power to start the engine and run accessories like the lights and radio when the engine is sw... Read More »
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Q: How to Test If Your Car Battery or the Alternator Is Bad?
A: Testing the alternator or battery in your car requires a digital multi-meter with a voltage setting on it. The battery in your car has a rating of 12 volts and ... Read More »
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Q: What will bad alternator do to a cars battery and lights.
A: A bad alternator will have the effect of draining the battery, resulting in dim lights, trouble starting the car and the like. It would be best to replace the a... Read More »
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Q: How can i tell if the battery or alternator is failing?
A: Get a cheap digital voltmeter. Check the voltage at the battery. Start the vehicle, checking voltage at battery. It should be greater than when the vehicle wasn... Read More »
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Q: Why would a car battery fail in very cold wearther?
A: Extreme cold puts a greater strain on the battery especially when the engine is cold. The oil in the engine is cold and does not flow as well as it does when it... Read More »
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