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The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle fought between an alliance of Greek city- states under Themistocles and the Persian Empire under King Xerxes in 480 ...

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The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle between the Greek city-states and Persia, fought in September, 480 BC in the straits between Piraeus and Salamis,  ...

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May 5, 2013 ... The tide would turn, though, in September 480 BCE at the Battle of Salamis in the Saronic Gulf, a naval battle which would rank as one of the ...

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The history of the second Persian war as presented in most of the modern literature is solely based on Herodotus' Histories. However, Herodotus' narration  ...

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After the Battle of Thermopylae, Athens was in despair. The Athenians knew that their city would surely be destroyed by the Persians. There was simply no place ...

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Battle of Salamis - 20th of September 480 B.C.. "Forward, sons of the Greeks, liberate the fatherland, liberate your children, your women, the temples of your ...

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Feb 9, 2011 ... The Battle of Salamis was fought between an Alliance of Greek city-states and the Persian Empire in September 480 BC in the straits between ...

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What was the Battle of Salamis? The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle between the Greek City-states and the Persian Empire of Xerxes I.

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The Battle of Salamis was fought in September 480 BC during the Persian Wars. Having been defeated at Thermopylae, Greek forces retreated to Salamis ...

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The Battle of Salamis was a battle during the Persian Wars. Read about the date and a very brief description of naval battle leading to the defeat of the Persians.

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Aug 17, 2015 ... Naval Battle of Salamis (29 September 480): important battle during the Persian War, in which the Greek allies defeated the Persian navy.

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Oct 24, 2003 ... Battle of Salamis, (480 bc), battle in the Greco-Persian Wars in which a Greek fleet defeated much larger Persian naval forces in the straits at ...

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Discover the Battle of Salamis and learn about how the Ancient Greeks tricked and defeated the Persian Empire at sea. Observe the effect of this...