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The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous military campaign in World War II, running from 1939 to the defeat of Germany in 1945. At its core was the ...


Dec 19, 2014 ... From maps showing the locations of U-boat sinkings to narrative videos to an encyclopedia of people, places and equipment involved, the ...


The Battle of the Atlantic interactive timeline is an educational tool available for ... The map charts the sinking of every merchant ship and U-boat, accompanied ...


These pages contain maps dealing with the U-boat war. Simply click on ... interested in. The maps available are shown as boxes on this one. ... South Atlantic


May 7, 2015 ... This Map Shows the Full Extent of the Devastation Wrought by U-Boats in World War I ... significantly in the Atlantic and shifted to the Mediterranean to assist the ... The U-boat data in the above map is courtesy of uboat.net.


Oct 2, 2011 ... In France, an American officer and a French Resistance fighter are seen engaged in a street battle with German occupation forces during the ...


Mar 30, 2011 ... Explore The Battle of the Atlantic - a fight for Britain's very survival in WW2. Discover why the 'U-boat peril' truly frightened Churchill.


Feb 15, 2011 ... This month's map explores World War II's Battle of the Atlantic. The map displays in animated fashion Britain's crucial supply routes, German ...


Sep 9, 2012 ... English: The battle of the Atlantic, mid-march to december 1941. In the latter part of April, sweeps and searches replaced close escort. In May ...


Maps and charts of battle lines and troops positions in the European War. Pacific War Maps ... Atlantic War Maps Maps and charts relating to the Atlantic War.