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Nov 16, 2013 ... Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who has spent most of his career working for the government, is taking a job in private equity.


Nov 17, 2013 ... Of Course Tim Geithner is Joining a Private Equity Firm ... According to The Wall Street Journal, Geithner's job will consist of “mapping the firm's strategy and management, investor relations and ... I don't come from money.


Nov 20, 2013 ... A few months into his new job, Geithner started showing up at our ... by my disappointment with the Fed, not by a desire for money or prestige.


Jan 22, 2016 ... Here we meet Steve Eisman (the basis for Mark Baum, the character ... market, is based on a real Deutsche Bank trader called Greg Lippmann, ... This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money ... negotiations held by Timothy Geithner, then president of the Federal Reserve, to work out a way to save the bank.


Jan 16, 2016 ... “The Big Short's” shortcomings: The real culprits in the financial meltdown never ... the financial crisis not only with their jobs intact but with substantial raises. ... they used their insights to make money rather than to blow the whistle. .... were exploiting real people — take place in Florida, where Mark Baum (a ...


Apr 3, 2008 ... All Speakers; Ben S. Bernanke; C. Christopher Cox; James Dimon; Timothy F. Geithner; Mel Martinez; Alan Schwartz; Robert K. Steel; Wayne ...


Apr 1, 2009 ... Instead of Gramm, we got Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. ... “The appearance that this was all an inside job is overwhelming. ... And without that, there can be no real recovery. ... Regular contributors and staff include Kristen Adams, Andrea Baumwald, John Burke, Amber Dakar, Dinesh Kalera, Red ...


Jan 29, 2017 ... Of course, being bosses, they've demanded givebacks in job security, pay, ... I'd be a real schmuck to believe that this was all due to "administrative error. ... and " do whatever makes me the most money," which latter mindset is alluring .... (This covers only the first few paragraphs of Mr. Baum's article, by the ...


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