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Dec 3, 2012 ... Live Hunt host Tyler Freel picks his 9 top guns for grizzly hunting and defense.


Apr 8, 2016 ... Trying to choose an all-around bear rifle suited for all types of bear hunting? Here's a few tips that might help you make the perfect choice.


I remember reading a story written by gun-writer Rick Jamison that pretty much summed it up. Jamison was hunting black bear for years with a 30.06 with great ...


Aug 29, 2017 ... Here are our picks for the best bear defense guns that are available on the ... Originally designed as a hunting handgun, it is also available with ...


By then it's altogether too late to rethink your choice of rifle and cartridge, so it's best to think it ... If the fresh tracks of a really big bear don't raise the hackles on.


"No matter what you choose for a weapon, it's essential to hit a bear hard and in ... Individuals choosing to hunt with lever action rifles should use such suitable ...


A weatherproof rifle is a must on a brown bear hunt. Alaska is hard on rifles. The rifle's barrel and action should be stainless steel or should have a rust-resistant ...


Apr 9, 2012 ... On my first hunt for brown bear, I flew into Juneau and from there we headed by boat to the ABC islands area. The custom rifle I used wears a ...


Selecting the best grizzly bear rifle is the first task in planning a hunt. A rifle of adequate power and maneuverability makes the ideal grizzly bear rifle.