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A party of Bearded Fireworms (Hermodice carunculata) in the Azores. ... Beautiful fire worms all over the shipwrecks in Azores, with cute little eyes and soft.

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This is a type of bristleworm known as a bearded fireworm. (Picture Link) · Watch a type of bristleworm, a fireworm, move rapidly about the ocean.



Queen Angel on Coral Bonaire, NA 8x10 matted to 11x14 $24.95 Order # 02404. Bearded Fireworm Tortola, BVI 8x10 matted to 11x14 $24.95 Order # 72908 ...

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Bearded Fireworm on Sea Cucumber #004629add to lightbox. Bottlenosed Dolphin #004760add to lightbox. Bottlenosed Dolphin #004737add to lightbox.

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Aug 21, 2016 ... Marine life includes more common bream, grouper and octopus, as well as the more unusual bearded fireworms and ornate wrasse. An OW ...

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Page to share my passion of underwater photography with my friends. I have been diving since ... The bearded fireworm (Hermodice carunculata) is a type of marine bristleworm belonging to the Amphinomidae family, native to the tropical ...

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Bearded fireworm (Hermodice carunculata) fluorescing (c) Steve Kopp · Lizardfish (Synodus sp.) fluorescing (c) Steve Kopp · Bearded fireworm ( Hermodice ...

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Mar 26, 2013 ... Bearded Fireworm. White bristles, extended in defense, are venomous. Christmas Tree Worm. -abundant in the Caribbean -The two spiral ...

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Among the invertebrates, besides various species of anemones and starfish , we emphasize the presence of numerous bearded fireworms (Hermodice ...

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Bearded Fireworrm. Bearded Fireworm. Green Moray eel. aby Smooth Trunkfish. baby Smooth Trunkfish. lion fish. Lionfish under an overhang. high hat fish.

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Hermodice carunculata are commonly called the Bearded Fireworms. Bearded Fireworm. ABOVE and BELOW: Pictures of a Hermodice carunculata in its reef ...

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Apr 22, 2011 ... Hermit Crab Eurypharanx pelecanoides ………. Gulper Eel Hermodice carunculata ………. Bearded Fireworm Mellita Quinqueisperforata …

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Any of various Australian lizards in the genus Pogona, especially P. vitticeps, having spiny scales along their sides and on a pouch under the jaw that is inflated ...